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Art is my favorite workshop. Thinking and creating this list has included a fun bit of nostalgia. (A place where one can get when you've done so many years of the Rotation Model.)

  • Fish prints with real fish - my all-time favorite art workshop! "They" wanted to buy fake, wooden fish to use instead, but I wouldn't let them!

    a fish print
    We've done this several times in our years of using the Rotation Model. Originally with a Rotation on the Feeding of the 5000; most recently during a Rotation on Jesus Calls Disciples.
  • Wire sculptureOld telephone wire (is this stuff prehistoric now?) to make wire sculptures for a Rotation on the Prodigal Son.
  • Tie-dyed t-shirts made for a Rotation on Joseph’s Coat. (Made a mess but the kids sure enjoyed it. How proud they were to wear their shirts! And amazing how they learned the whole story.)
  • A glass plate, old magazines, & decoupage medium to decorate a celebration plate for the Last Supper. (A family keepsake!)
  • the body of Christ done as a quiltPrayer rocks for a Rotation on the Lord’s Prayer. (My son kept his prayer rock by his bed for 4 years!)
  • Fabric cut with a dye-cut machine into people shapes to make a quilt - as a part of a Rotation on Early Church as the Body of Christ.
  • AMACOTM Sculptamold – to make tablets in a Rotation on the 10 Commandments.The 10 C tablets recreated using Sculptamold
  • Cement & pieces of stained glass – stepping stones for Jacob and Esau. (Note: You must be a Supporting Member to access this lesson.) Mosaics can be done with lots of different materials besides tiles or glass. Use cut up pieces of paper or duct tape.
  • Illuminated manuscripts done of the names of Jesus, for a Rotation on the Prophecies of Isaiah with regard to Jesus' birth. (Think "names of Jesus.")a sample illuminated manuscript
  • Wheat weaving done for a Rotation on Ruth & Naomi.
    Wheat weaving in progress
  • Modelling clay and plastic box picture frames to create a "sower" scene for a Rotation on the Parable of the Sower.

  • Mosaics can be done with lots of different materials besides tiles or glass. Use cut up pieces of paper or duct tape.
  • torn paper collage depicting Adam and Eve in the gardenCollages using torn paper is another way of sort of doing "mosaics." We used this technique for a Rotation on Adam and Eve. (Note: You must be a Supporting Member to access this lesson.
  • Micrography to create a burning bush scene for a Rotation on Moses: Bulrushes To The Burning Bush. (Best with older students because it requires the skill of writing small.)
  • Using glass paint on votive candle holdersGlass paint - Created stained glass votive holders for a Rotation on Jesus' overall birth story. (Another family keepsake.)
  • Marbleize paper and then create a prayer box for a Rotation on Esther. (Or could be used for the Lord’s Prayer or for  any other Rotation where the focus is on prayer.)
    kids marbelizing paper with shaving cream and a small quantity of paint
  • an example of notan artNotan - an art form that focuses on positive and negative space - used for a Rotation on Peter's Restoration (John 21:1-17). (Note: You must be a Supporting Member to access this lesson.)
  • Create clay mezuzah-like cases (muh-ZOO-zuh) using Sculpey clay, for a Rotation on The Greatest Commandment
  • Using the style of a particular artist to create artwork. For example, “name art” in the style of artist Paul Klee. We used this for our Rotation on the Anointing of David as King but would also work for creating the names of Jesus’ in his birth through the eyes of Isaiah or “I am” lessons or Jesus' Resurrection through the eyes of Mary Magdalene(Note: You must be a Supporting Member to access this lesson.)Art in the style of Paul Klee
  • Make books or narrative picture scrolls that tell the sequence of events of a story. We've used this idea for Rotations on Joseph in Egypt (use hieroglyphs) and on Jesus as a Boy in the Temple.
  • Marble painting to indicate a story with lots of activity and moving! We used this one for Jesus as a Boy in the Temple where we used the resulting paintings as the cover to books created to tell the story.marble painting
  • Woodworking! (Another favorite.) Find the handyman (or handywoman) in your congregation who would love to share their craft. We did this to create "peace houses" for a Rotation on Joseph's Coat.Constructed peace houses lined up

What are your favorite art projects?

Pictures are very helpful. Need assistance uploading a picture? Send your photos to


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  • paul klee art
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