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"Breath" painting

Students blow air through a straw to move paint around on the canvas.

Water down some poster paints and spoon a small amount onto canvas. Use straw to blow the paint into the shape you want.

You can also put a bit of paint in the tip of the straw and blow it or drip it into place.

You can also add definition to your shapes by drawing in the paint with the tip of the straw or blunt end of a brush. Experiment.

Works best with medium/larger areas to paint, not small areas.
Results can be a bit abstract. Consider sketching general shape first.

A Few Topic Usages:

Breath of God
Holy Spirit
Burning Bush
Earth, Wind, Fire (Elijah)
Psalm/Praising Forms/Shapes
Pillar of Cloud/Fire, presence of God
Expressions of Joy
Light in the Darkness

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