Reply to "Suggestions to divide Joseph's Story into separate rotations"

Breaking the Joseph Story into more than one rotation ideas:

Two Rotations - You can find it here already done here by FUMC, Ann Arbour, MI

Part 1: Compete Lesson Set: Joseph's Coat of Many Colors

The first Rotation focuses mostly on Genesis 37 – Joseph, his brothers and the infamous coat. It is a familiar story of family struggles: favoritism, bragging, sibling rivalry, and brothers gone bad. We’ll only catch a glimpse of it this month (and won’t really see it until we cover the second Rotation on Joseph) but it is also the story of God having a greater plan. Things can look pretty bad, but God is never far away. Recalling Joseph’s story can help us get through our own difficult times.

Part 2: Complete Lesson Set: Joseph in Egypt

Second rotation roughly covers Genesis 39–45, 46:5-7. Describing how with God’s help, Joseph came to be the most powerful man in Egypt. How Joseph forgave his brothers. God calls us to work for reconciliation and forgiveness.

 Three Rotations - some suggestions:

  • break the scripture into three sections such as:
       - #1 coloured coat, well, and sold into slavery;
       - #2 life as a slave, in prison (dreams), pharaoh's dreams, to 2nd in command;
       - #3 story of reconciliation with brothers.
    or something along those lines.
  • glance through all the lessons here for Joseph and note which story it covers best: 1, 2 or 3.

I'd also recommend if you are breaking it into two or more rotations that you have in each additional rotation one lesson that reviews not only what happened in the current rotation, but also the previous rotation(s) on Joseph.  Could be in workshops such as: storytelling, games (stations), or computer quiz (like Fall of Jericho).

For my own church I broke it into two rotations.

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