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SOFTWARE DESCRIPTIONS and DOCS: Cal and Marty's Scripture Memory Game, Bongo Loves the Bible, Let's Talk, Fall of Jericho

These software programs can be downloaded for free by our Supporting Members. Learn more.

Notes About the Four Programs in This Group

The following three programs are all a little different from each other and from the other programs from Sunday Software.

  1. Cal and Marty's Scripture Memory Game is a verse "unscrambler" and features a Verse Editor which allows an adult or student to create scripture verse scramble games with a three-question quiz about any scripture you want.  

  2. bongo-iconBongo Loves the Bible has eight game-y games "about" the Bible, including Basic Bible Knowledge quizzes and a Books of the Bible challenge  -- all set in a 3D style game landscape through which the kids navigate "Bongo."

  3. Let's Talk is a unique "respond-using-the-computer" tool that utilizes the computer's ability to speak whatever the kids type. Be sure to read its guide.

  4. Fall of Jericho is a Quiz Making and Quiz Game "themed" on a race from Egypt to Jericho. This versatile game has been a fixture in Sunday Software's catalog for many years. It was donated for use by our supporting members by its owner, Mike Gale.

Cal and Marty, Bongo, and Jericho can easily be used at home or in class, whereas Let's Talk is more of a classroom tool. All of them can be used in a single or multiple PC setting. All four of these programs require the ability to read, and thus are best suited for grades 3 and up.

For supporting members...

Downloading. Installing, Sharing

To download a zip file containing the software, click the Download Link in the program's description below.

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Some of the program zips are stored on a Google Drive. When you click those you will be taken to the Google Drive account where you will then need to click the download icon (see menu bar on Google Drive) to initiate the download. Other program zips are stored here at and will download immediately when you click the download link on our page.

You may get a "security warning" about downloading or installing files that contain "exe" setup files from an "unknown" publisher. No worries, that's just Windows playing it safe. Click "continue" or "details" in those messages to continue.

To install the software, "unzip" (unpack/extract) the downloaded file to a folder on your PC and execute the "setup" or "install" file to install the software to your PC. Be sure to view the other docs in the zip file, especially the "README" file.

Due to access permissions, if you want to share these software programs with a teacher or church family, you will need to share your downloaded zip file either by uploading the zip file to your own online storage or by sharing the zip file on a USB memory drive. Links may not be publicly posted.

These programs are being shared free-of-charge with the supporting members of and their congregations by Sunday Software. Learn more.


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