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Software: Let's Talk

Link to the Downloadable Zip Filemceclip1
Guide to Let's Talk  (a version is also included in the download)

Lessons at that use this software:

  • Because Let's Talk can be used with virtually any Bible passage or study, it is mentioned in numerous computer workshop forums across our site. View the included GUIDE to Let's Talk for several ways to use the program. 
  • This Philippians 2:5-11 lesson plan at uses Let's Talk to play a scripture condensing technique called "How Few Can You Do."


  • Let's Talk is a "discussion starting" utility that taps into your computer's ability to speak out loud whatever your students type. The program has several ways for students to create a response and play them for others to hear, all of which involved creating their own onscreen character to speak their words.

    "Talk Now" is the most popular module in Let's Talk. In it, a student creates a character and types what the character will say in response to a question posed by the teacher. Then the teacher asks students to play their response for all to hear.  In the "Create a New Lesson" module, a teacher or student creates a simple spoken presentation about a passage that can include a 3 question quiz and discussion questions to be answered by other students or the class.

    Let's Talk is also a popular utility program to play a scripture "condensing" game called "How Few Can You Do" which gets students to think about the "most essential" words/concepts in a passage.  Details are in the Let's Talk Guide.


Age Range:  Let's Talk requires rudimentary typing and basic sentence writing skills for most uses. Non and early readers can use it with help and will enjoy hearing their character speak their words to others.

System: Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10 -only.

Permissions: Sunday Software is making this program available to the Supporting Members of free of charge. The program may be installed on as many computers at your church as needed or shared with your church's members for their home use. The file may not be publicly posted or otherwise distributed beyond your congregation's use. 

Students can create a character to make speak aloud whatever they type.


Let's Talk's "Talk Now" module can also be used to "voice" prayers at the end of the lesson.

Lesson Builder Screen

Build a Lesson in Let's Talk CD

In the "Build a Lesson" module, students (or the teacher) can create a simple presentation hosted by their character who can share a passage and insights, and then present a three question quiz about the passage for other students to answers, then they can answer discussion questions created by the student.


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