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Software: Exodus Adventures

Link to the Downloadable Zip Filemceclip1

Teaching Guide (also included in the download)

Cheat Sheet (also included in the download)

Exodus Adventures Installation Help (also included in the download)

Lessons at that use this software:

ExodusRobinExodus Adventures software features three different games about the Exodus story set in the landscape of Egypt and Sinai.

Game 1 is the story of the Hebrews in Egypt, Burning Bush,  Moses, Pharaoh and the Plagues. In game 2, students cross the Red Sea, collect Manna, and solve how to get Water from Rock. Game 3 is a helicopter flying quiz that introduces the "rest" of the Exodus story found in Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Each story adventure features "challenges" which the students must navigate/solve. 35-45 minutes per story depending on ability. Option to save game and complete later. 

Age Range: Primarily for older children, 1st and 2nd graders will enjoy seeing the story but need someone to do the guiding.  Games 1 and 2 in Exodus Adventures are probably the most challenging games in Sunday Software's catalog because they have many things to go do, get, listen to, figure out, and complete.  If you are previewing the software and not much of a gamer (or in a hurry) be sure to see the "Cheat Sheet." The guide and cheat sheet can also be used by students if they need help moving forward.

System: Windows 7, 8, and 10 -only. View the Installation Help PDF for important tech help installing and running the game.

Permissions: Sunday Software is making this program available to the Supporting Members of free of charge. The program may be installed on as many computers at your church as needed or shared with your church's members for their home use. The file may not be publicly posted or otherwise distributed beyond your congregation's use. 

Extended Description & Additional Helps:

Scripture and insights are often shared by Robin and her grandfather as players move through the game landscapes. Additional content to read and puzzles to solve reinforce content. These games require listening and reading skills.

GAME 1: The story of the Hebrews in Egypt, Moses & Pharaoh, and the Plagues. Robin flies to the Goshen "dig site" to learn how the Israelites came to Egypt, then flies to Midian to discover the burning bush and receive God's message, then on to Pharaoh’s Palace to learn about the confrontation with Pharaoh and the plagues. The game features several short video clips from a documentary about the Exodus. 


GAME 2: Crossing the Red Sea, Manna, Manna, Water from Rock. Robin explores the Red Sea, figures out the Miriam Song Game, finds the hidden trail to the Marah Well, and helps turn the bitter waters sweet, –just like Moses once did.  She then overnights in the Manna Cave, collects manna in Rephidim, then flies back to the monastery to find the staff of Moses, then strikes the Rock of Horeb (which the monastery was built around) and hears from her grandfather as they swim in the flooded grounds!


GAME 3: “To the Promised Land” ~ is an introduction to Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Robin zooms over the Sinai wilderness in her helicopter to find 7 Quiz stations. At each station, she hears info about the Israelites journey to the Promised Land, and must answer questions to advance. Your students will have to dive into their Bibles to answer the questions. During the flight, they’ll also hear some interesting facts over the helicopter radio. At the end of Game 3, Robin lands atop Mt. Nebo (where Moses looked from to see the Promised Land) and meets her grandfather there for some reflection on the Israelite’s journey to the Promised Land. Be sure to see the "map" in the included guides to know where all 7 questions can be found. 


The games are best played by students who have a beginning knowledge of the Exodus story.

Flying Tip: The clipboard in the helicopter will show you an image of you where you need to go next. You are going the approximate right direction when the image on the compass matches the image on the clipboard.  The helicopter is used quite a bit in Games 1, just a little in Game 2, and for almost the entire time in Game 3!

View a short video clip of what happens when Robin finds the burning bush. -- God gives encouraging words to Robin (your students).


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