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Software: Attack of the Sunday School Zombies

Link to the Downloadable Zip Filemceclip1

Zombies Game and Teaching Guide (also included in the download)

Student Guide (limited info, also included in the download)

Lessons at that use this software:

Attack of the Sunday School Zombies is a funny game about the reasons why some people don't like going to church and why you should go.

Seven members of your church have become Zombies roaming the halls of the church and complaining about why they don't like church!  Enter Super Kenz the Bible Kid! (your players) who will find each zombie, stop them from skulking around by flinging chocolate donuts at them, and share verses and advice that will change their minds and restore them.

The game features onscreen conversations between Super Kenz and the zombified church members, but only after Super Kenz has gotten them to stand still by piling on the chocolate donuts. Throughout the building is some fun stuff, like a choir room filled with frogs and a sanctuary full of flying hymnbooks. Once you have changed all 7 zombies back into church members, they gather in the cleaned-up Sanctuary for the win!   

25-30 minutes depending on ability. Lots of Bible passages and discussion opportunities for a teacher having students take turns on a big screen.  Please see our "caveat" at the end of this post for those who don't like the idea of hitting zombies with donuts.


Age Range: Primarily for older children, 1st-3rd graders will enjoy the story but will need lots of help navigating and some may at first be a bit scared by the zombies church members (aren't we all), and the scary organ music (ditto). 

System: Windows 7, 8, and 10 -only.
(Load and check game play on ALL your computers to confirm it works fine. See the attached software's Tech Guide for special helps to run it in Windows 8 and 10.)


Permissions: Sunday Software is making this program available to the Supporting Members of free of charge. The program may be installed on as many computers at your church as needed or shared with your church's members for their home use. The file may not be publicly posted or otherwise distributed beyond your congregation's use. 

Extended Description:

Please note: The kid super-hero in Attack of the Sunday School Zombies flings boxes of chocolate donuts at the church zombies from her DONUT CROSSBOW in order to slow them down and talk to them. One of the zombies includes a pastor humorously skulking around the pews. If you want to construe the donut flinging crossbow as "shooting people" then Sunday Software recommends you DO NOT play this content-rich, discussion-starting, tongue-in-cheek game which was originally developed for older kids and youth to address "why go to church" in a humorously serious way.

flingerThe donut crossbow with a box of donuts attached.
Donut boxes are found throughout the church.

More About the Zombies…

They’re not the flesh-eating kind 🙂   “Sunday School” zombies walk around bored, disinterested, and COMPLAINING about things. And when they get hit with donuts, they start to dodge and run -- until finally stopping to listen to Super Kenz and talk with her.

  • Daniel the pre-teen: I’m bored! I want to be entertained!
  • Luke the young boy: My parents make me come. Why go on Sunday anyway?
  • Nikki the young teen: Church is such a fashion show, I feel judged by what I wear.
  • Cara the older girl: I don’t like some of the people there. Some of them aren’t nice. They’re hypocrites.
  • Neil the old guy: I go because I feel like I have to pay God back and do my duty.
  • Pastor Bob:  Church isn’t supposed to be exciting! Get used to it.**
  • Mrs. Moreno: I can be a Christian all on my own. I don’t need organized religion.
  • Malinda the mom: It seems so fake, and I have my doubts.

One of the scripture screens Super Kenz shows to the zombies


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