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Software: Good Sam the Samaritan

Link to the Downloadable Zip Filemceclip1

Outline and Teaching Guide (also included in the download)

Lessons at that use this software:

Good Sam the Samaritan retells and digs into the parable of the Good Samaritan, — arguably Jesus’ most famous and most important teaching, and it does it in a fun and insightful way with animation, narration, quizzing, music and discussion videos. Hosted by Bildad the Bible Explorer -- your onscreen guide and teacher.


Students can choose from three different animated versions of the story to see and hear. Sam-Cam features interviews with the actors. Good Sam Land digs into why the Samaritans were despised. Who Wants to Be a Samaritan is a fun gameshow reinforcing the lesson. And Sam-TV reflects on the story and its life application with music and more.

Age Range:  Optimally grades 2nd to 8th. Non-readers will enjoy sections of the software with help. There's plenty in the program for more than one lesson.

System: Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10 -only. BE SURE you have QuickTime 7.7.9 for Windows installed before installing this program. It’s a free download at

Learn how to make this program fill more of your screen with a simple adjustment to your Windows Display.

Permissions: Sunday Software is making this program available to the Supporting Members of free of charge. The program may be installed on as many computers at your church as needed or shared with your church's members for their home use. The file may not be publicly posted or otherwise distributed beyond your congregation's use.

Extended Description:

“Our God’s love, it is so very strong,  it leads me to see the need in you…” –from Sam TV’s music video “Lend a Helping Hand.”

"Sam Cam" features humorous discuss-worthy video interviews with characters from the story.


"SamLand" is an interesting interactive map of the Holy Land in the Good Sam software that features insights into who the Samaritans were.


Be sure to read the "Adjusting Display Size" pdf and note in the download to make this program fill more of your screen.


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  • sammenu: Sam Menu
  • samcam: Sam Cam
  • Whowants: Who wants to bea Samaritan? Quiz Show
  • Samland: Sam Land
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