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The Prodigal Son

Drama Script


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1. Students will sit in a circle and discuss what they remember about 
the story of the Prodigal Son. 
2. Ask what a parable is. 
3. Read Luke 15: 11-32
4. For quick discussion: What does this story tell us? Was this parable believable? Could this story happen today? 

For Younger Children
Tell them that we are going to act out the story of the Prodigal son. 
Discuss the different roles available. If puppets are available, they can be used. Present role-playing. Close with prayer. 

For Older Children: 
After the Bible story of the prodigal son has been read, discuss if it is believable and can this be relevant to today.
Discuss being rejected. Think of a time if that ever happened to you and what your feelings were at the time. Have you ever rejected someone? How did you feel about what you had done? Think of a time when a person showed you love and concern, a person that made you feel as if you mattered. How can we be more caring? 

Have the students dramatize the story using the attached script.

Have the children pair up. They are going to act as the conscience of the younger son, the father, and the older son. Remember those commercials when the devil is on one shoulder and an angel sits on the other? Use the worksheet included to direct their skits. After they have come up with a skit expressing the consequences of each decision that their character had to make have the pairs present them to the class. 

Younger brother: 

If I stay home__________________________________________________

If I leave home_________________________________________________

If I ask my father for my share of the inheritance______________ 

If he beats me _________________________________________________


If I don’t give him the money ____________________________________

If I give him the money __________________________________________

If he comes back _______________________________________________

If he doesn’t come back _________________________________________


If I stay and work on the farm_____________________________________

If my little brother comes back home _______________________________

If I join in the celebration_________________________________________

If my father really loved me_______________________________________

By Carolyn Rudenske 

Jesus Father
Older son Younger son 
Employer Servants 
Tax Collectors/Outcasts



PHARISEES: This man welcomes sinners and eats with them. 

JESUS: There was a father who had two sons who made him proud.

(Father and two sons step forward. Father is in center and the boys on each side. The father puts his arms around each son’s shoulders and smiles.) 

YOUNGER SON: Listen Dad, I have had my fill and want my share of my
inheritance. I am tired of all this work

FATHER: Son, If that is what you want, then that is what I will do. 
I’ll divide the money. Here is your share. 

JESUS: The younger son got together all of his money and all that he 
had and set out for the big city to have fun. He soon 
squandered all his money.

(Younger son pays out money to others along the way for fun)

JESUS: After he had squandered all his money, there was a famine and 
he began to be in need. He hired himself out to a citizen of 
the city who sent him out to feed pigs. 

YOUNGER SON: I have to find food, sir. I am unemployed. 

FARMER: Great! You can feed my pigs.

(Cast members can all put on pig noses or have cut out pigs.)

JESUS: He fed the pigs but he was not a happy man.

YOUNGER SON: I am still hungry. My stomach is empty. I am starving. 

JESUS: No one would five him any food or drink. He sat down to 
decide what to do.

YOUNGER SON: These pigs are eating better than I am.

JESUS: Soon he comes to his senses.

YOUNGER SON: My father’s hired men have food to spare. I will go 
home and tell Dad I have sinned against heaven and him; 
I am not worthy to be called his son. I will beg him to 
hire me to be one of his workers. 

(Son departs to go back home and his father. He soon sees his home and his father. His father funs out to meet him. )

(The father turns to the servants.)

FATHER: Quick, bring the best robe and put it on him. Put a ring on 
his finger and new sandals on his feet. Bring a fatted calf 
and kill it. We will have a feast and celebrate, for my son 
was lost and now is found. He was dead and is alive again!

(Cast pantomimes having a party.)

JESUS: Meanwhile, The older son who was working in the field hears 
all the music and dancing. He calls to a servant.

OLDER SON: What is all this music I hear?

SERVANT: Your brother was lost and is now found and your father is 
having a celebration.

JESUS: The older son becomes angry and refuses to go into the party.
His father pleads with him.

FATHER: Please, come in. 

OLDER SON: Why should I? All these years I have worked hard for you 
and never disobeyed your orders. Yet, you never gave a 
party for me. Never let me have friends over and kill 
even a goat. But my brother went off and wasted all his 
inheritance on wicked things and you have a celebration 
for him!

FATHER: Please, listen carefully. You have been here with me always 
and everything I have is yours, but we have to celebrate 
because we thought your brother was dead and now he is alive 

JESUS: When you have sinned and misbehaved, when you have not lived
the way God wants you to live, confess your sins and I will 
bless you. God sent me from heaven to come and forgive your 
sins. So please repent and partake of God’s love.

(Jesus ends speech with arms open wide in an invitation.)

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