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DRAMA and Puppet Workshop Lessons and Ideas for the Beatitudes

Drama and Puppet Lessons, Ideas, Activities, and Resources for the Beatitudes

Post your Sunday School drama and puppet lessons, ideas, activities, and resources for the Beatitudes.

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Beatitudes - Matthew 5:3–11, Luke 6:20–22. Blessed are the... Happy are the... etc.

Bible lessons and ideas about the Beatitudes -with Drama, puppets, scripts, skits, acting, newsroom, etc.


Drama or Bible Games Workshop Idea 

Summary of Lesson Activities:
"Beatitudes Charades"

Neil's Commentary about Teaching the Beatitudes:

The grammar and vocabulary of the beatitudes can be difficult even for older children. The theology of the beatitudes is pretty high concept too. If you move too fast or try to dive into each beatitude in every lesson, they get confused easily. This is why these workshops stay focused on teaching the basic content & vocabulary of the beatitudes. The kids will turn 'blessed are the poor in spirit' into 'blessed are the poor' and that's ok. ... Luke did it in chapter 6! And the kids have their hands full just with the word 'blessed.' Our aim is to instill content and basic meanings that can grow with the kids.

Given that many of the concepts of the Beatitudes were taught by Jesus in easy to remember stories, you could make a case for NOT teaching the Beatitudes to younger kids at all, substituting the easier to digest stories instead. Blasphemy? No, Piaget.


See how many of the beatitudes the kids can remember. Then ... read the Beatitudes aloud with the class.

Then....Secretly assign one beatitude to groups of two or three students. They then have 5 to 10 minutes to come up with a skit illustrating the beatitude. They must also create a two to three sentence summary of what their beatitude means to them as kids, how they can live it out. They can dress up in costumes and use props...but their skits must be SILENT SKITS.

Charades/Skit Game:

One by one each team puts on their silent skit. After the skit is over, each team secretly writes down which beatitude they think the skit was about. They then read their guess (writing it down avoids cheating). If another team guesses it, both the skit team and guessing get 3 points. (The team with the 'closest' guess may only get one or two points depending on how close they got it right).

Then each team must give their explanation - life application of the beatitude. Class or teachers decide to award one, two or three points for quality of explanation.

If time ... Pass the beatitudes slips around for a second round of silent skits.

A lesson from Neil MacQueen 

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