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Joseph's Journey Stations (Drama) Workshop

Photo's Below include Summary of Lesson Activities: 

We adapted Amy's lesson above by doing the following:

In our case, I told Joseph's story and as we traveled through the stations I would pick children to be the characters in each story and to act out the actions as I told the stories (character props were simple head pieces and/or dream props).  I did not have the children read any scripts.  And there is a lot to get through so the teacher needs to know the story well, so they can run with it, so you can get it all done in time. 

Note:  I would normally have done this in our large open room, but that morning it was set-up for a congregational meeting and a potluck - so found myself setting up in our hallway area outside our classrooms.  As we only had a small group, it worked out fine, but for a large group you would need more space to move around. 

I had taken my camera, but as usually once you get into the lesson your too busy and forget about trying to take pictures of the kids in action - so the kids posed afterwards for a couple of pictures before I had to dash off for the congregational meeting.  So later in the day I took some photos of the station set-ups before I took everything down.

6 Stations of Joseph's Journey were set-up and traveled through by the children. 

  1. Jacob's Tent & Colored Coat
  2. The Pasture & Joseph's Dreams
  3. The Pit (Well) & Slave Traders
  4. Egypt - Potiphars' House
  5. Pharaoh's Prison / Baker & Cup Bearer Dreams
  6. Egypt - Pharaoh's Palace, Dreams, and Grainery


Stations View

Joseph Stations XXJoseph Stations ZZ

Station 1: Jacob's Tent & Joseph's Coloured Coat

Jacob's Tent - used a kid's pop-up play tent.
Making Joseph's Coat ActInteractive Storytelling Josephs Coat Kids Createivity:
On the floor I laid a white bathrobe (from our costumes cupboard) and gave each child several *colored strips and they transformed Joseph's plain coat into Joseph's amazing coloured coat—simply by laying their coloured pieces randomly on the coat. It looked pretty cool when they were done as pictured and we can redo this activity year after year.

*The coloured strips I used were from the doorway curtain to our movie theater seen in the photo under Station 6 below. The curtain is no longer available from "Ikea", called a "Vitaminer Drape Room Curtain Divider Rainbow". It was too long for our doorway so theses are the pieces I'd cut off.

To adapt this idea you could simply cut out narrow 1" x 10" strips of paper in several different bright colors.  If you don't have a white bathrobe, simply cut out a coat shape from white or brown paper.

Station 2: The Pasture & Joseph's Dreams
Joseph Stations ZZ

Pasture: green blanket and large stuffed sheep.

Jacob dream props:   Glow in the dark: stars, sun & moon. Plastic wheat. (All from a dollar store).

 Interactive Storytelling Josephs Dream 2






Station 3: The Pit (Well) & Slave Traders


Joseph's Pit (Well)

I racked my brains on how to make an interactive well  (one the kids could get inside) and had a God inspired moment and came up with the design pictured below.  It also stores FLAT!

Attached to this lesson:  DIRECTIONS FOR MAKING PIT (Well) see pdf file at end of this lesson.

 Interactive Storytelling Pit 1Interactive Storytelling Pit 2

 Interactive Storytelling Pit 3Interactive Storytelling Pit 4

 Joseph being led away by Slave Traders

Interactive Storytelling Slave Traders Buy Jospeh


I didn't make him, and do not know who did, so here's the best description I can give of how he looks to be put together. Interactive Storytelling Slave Traders Camel

1) The base is an old skateboard - so the camel can be pulled. 
2) Th
e camel's body was cut out of two pieces of cardboard.  Along the bottom of the camel there is extra area left to create a square (see photo) part of this square area is unseen as it is folded and runs (the width) of the skateboard (both sides of the camel).
3) There is a 2x4, the length of the skateboard, that has been laid on top of the two pieces of folded cardboard and screwed down through the cardboard into the top of the skateboard. 
4) To hold the camel upright, there are also two pieces of 2x4, one between each leg - vertical, these are attached to the 2x4 on top of the skateboard.
5) He has been glued (glun gun assuming) along the edge from his tail area, up and around his head and part way down his neck.
6) On both sides he's been spray painted brown and then, his features were highlighted with blank paint: hoofs, eyes, ears, mouth, nostrils.  He's missing his tail.  A red cord around neck.  Hanging over camel's hump is a money pouch for the slave traders to buy Joseph from his brothers.

Station 4: Egypt-Potiphars's Home

Joseph Stations TT

Station 5: Pharaoh's Prison / Baker & Cup Bearer Dreams

Pharoahs-PrisonMoving%20Wardrobe%20boxCovering Jail with Rock Wall

We made our prison from a used "Wardrobe Moving Box" we had on hand (a fridge box would work as well). I cut open one corner, so I could lay it flat, then on the outside I glued on corrugated rock wall paper from Group Publishing.  I cut the "rock wall" paper into four sections so there would be a gap along each corner edge, to allow it to fold easily for storing when not in use (folds flat to an approx. 5"-6" thickness).  The white window was cut from a sheet of Polystyrene we had and I cut up dowel rods and inserted for bars. Glued the whole thing on, but it didn't hold so my plan is to bolt it on at the four corners with bolts and nuts.

Cupbearer and Bakers Dream Props

Dream props:
Baker (kid's play chef hat, bread basket with toy pieces of bread, and a raven finger puppet.
Cupbearer: gold plastic tray, plastic grapes and wine glass. 
Other: Toy cuffs and metal keys on a ring for added fun.

Station 6: Pharaoh's Palace, Dreams, and Grainery

Joseph Stations UU

Grainery - bottle of unpopped corn, lunch bags opened, cups for pouring.


  • River Community Church, Joseph in Egypt Drama Lesson by Amy Crane (above)
  • Crazy Clothesline Characters, by Carol Mader, Group, 2001, 9780764421402.  (Out of Print - copies new and used can still be found on-line).  Page 23-27 Imagination Stations (Joseph)


A lesson by Luanne Payne, Hampton U.C.
Hampton, ON

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  • Joseph Stations XX: Joseph Stations 2
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  • Interactive Storytelling Josephs Coat Kids Create
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  • Interactive Storytelling Pit 1: The Pit (Well)
  • Interactive Storytelling Pit 2: Joseph Thrown into Well
  • Interactive Storytelling Pit 3: Joseph Disappearing Into Well
  • Interactive Storytelling Pit 4: Jospeh at Bottom of Well
  • Interactive Storytelling Slave Traders Buy Jospeh: Slave Traders Buy Joseph
  • Interactive Storytelling Slave Traders Camel: Camel (not made by me) skateboard/cardboard
  • Joseph Stations TT: Joseph Stations 3
  • Joseph Stations UU: Jospeh Station 4
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  • Covering Jail with Rock Wall
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