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Whether you're teaching in Rotation or a Traditional Model, the following is sure to help. In addition to describing the Drama Workshop and using Drama in Sunday School, the following has many ideas for dramas and techniques, as do other posts in this forum. Your thoughts are welcome.

 You can see many prime examples of creative Drama Workshop lesson plans and creative techniques in the Writing Team Lesson Sets (for supporting members). These lessons also include adaptations for doing drama with younger children and non-readers.


A few more drama ideas:

  • A Talk Show host interviewing people from the story.
  • Pantomine a "Silent Movie" version of the story as its read by others, or a video of the story is played in the background.
  • Play a video clip with the sound turned off and the actors standing by the side of the screen trying to do the lines of the video. (Use different teams to try and get it close to being right).
  • Play a movie in class so that it can be heard by all but only the actors can see the screen. Tell them to try and act it out as they see it. This is a lot of fun, and very memorable.
  • Shadow puppets moving behind the screen to narration.
  • Shadow actors backlit behind a white cloth (with others doing the reading and SFX).
  • A News Reporter Interviewing people at the Scene of the Story.
  • A "Readers Theater" drama presentation of the script (learn more)
  • Record a Radio broadcast from Jericho reporting the arrival of Jesus. You can do this fully scripted, OR... have only the dramatic reporter using simple lines that cue the other players to act and say things, such as, "I can hear the crowd start to mumur."  And... "now they're starting to accuse Zaccheus of being a bad guy."  The kids respond to the narration and do their own sound effects. Record using a laptop with a built-in microphone. Play back for fun and great discussion.
  • A "dance version" of the story where people dance through their part.
  • A mixed up characters version, where each person has a secret identity that they must act like and modify their scripted lines to match their character (you're a cop, you're afraid, you're an alien, you're a talking monkey)
  • A "frozen statues version" of the story where the kids form the scene then someone reads it.
  • Ninja Movie version of Mary and Joseph coming to 'extract' Jesus from the Temple
  • The Hulk tries to walk on water with Jesus.
  • The Avengers show up at the cross to try and rescue Jesus, but Jesus explains why he is doing it.
  • Iron Man offers to help Jesus but Jesus says...
  • Interviewing the "bad guys" in the story is always interesting.
  • Play the audio from a movie but have kids in character acting out the audio. Sometimes I'll even have the kids stand in front of the screen while the movie is projected over them so they can watch it.

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