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"This is Your Life" Drama Format

Here's an idea that is working great for us, based on Ken's suggestion in the May 2004 Newsletter.


We're doing Saul's conversion on the road to Damascus, and we're using a "This Is Your Life" format in our drama workshop.

Several important people from Saul's past appear, and we get to know Saul from their stories.

We have Rabbi Gamaliel, Stephen (the first Christian martyr), Ananias, Judas of Damascus (whose house Saul went to on Straight Street, according to Acts 9:11), a witness to his conversion the road, and a Pharisee.

It's been fun, and a different approach for us. Thanks for the tip, Ken!

Another Rotation Friend posted

Tips on Drama

Try to find or create skits where there are as many parts as possible. Kids don't like being the audience!

If I just can't find enough parts, sometimes I divide one part into two or three. (Example: "Friends," "soldiers," etc. can be divided among several children, with the dialogue also divided.)

If I have nonreaders in the group, I involve them by letting them make sound effects.

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