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Isaiah 7:14 Skit


For a skit, I kept thinking of the "Coffee with Jesus" strips. (See Radio Free Babylon Facebook page).  What does it mean - "God with us"?  Or, a skit could be done from the song "What if God was One of Us" (some modification of the lyrics might be needed).


Or -

do a skit of new parents looking at a baby name book.  They consider several, considering the merits of each name.  Then they come to "Immanuel", and thoughtfully ponder the meaning.

Isaiah 9:2

The New Interpreter's Bible commentary says that the "darkness" could be a link to the end of chapter 8, which is about God's silence with Israel.  The NIV uses "walking" as present tense, where the NRSV has "walked" - apast event. To me, it could be a lack of understanding of the prophecies; the light is their understanding. Or, God is in contact with them again.


Darkness is a metaphor for depression and death. 

Light is wellness.


Darkness is silence from God.

Light is finding God's favor.



That said - there is a commercial for Netflix for something that shows groups of people speaking gibberish.  The punch line is "when you aren't watching what others are, you don't know what's going on."


For a skit, perhaps a version of this commercial could work.  In a darkened room, someone starts reading the passage, but the others look confused.  As the reading continues, clear words begin to emerge, and the lights in the room get brighter as people begin to understand the reading.  (It's a stretch, but might work!)




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