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Reply to "DRAMA, PUPPET, STORYTELLING Workshop Lessons and Ideas for Good Samaritan"

Summary: "The Good Spatula" puppet script prologue/intro idea:

In our puppet workshop we used "The Good Spatula" script.

On the last Sunday of our Good Samaritan Rotation the children performed it in church during children's time for the congregation. It also happened to be our Remembrance Day service.

I wrote the following prologue to go with the skit.  Feel free to adapt it to fit your own church.  A friend used it and adapted the prologue to include things specific to their kitchen & those in charge of looking after the kitchen (in fun). It was a big hit with everyone and a great way for the children to share what they have been learning with the congregation and their parents.

While I began with the prologue, it gave the puppeteers a chance to get themselves in position.

The Good Spatula Skit Prologue

The Kitchen utensils take great pride in their work for God. They work hard at the roast beef dinners, men's breakfast, luncheons, and coffee hour. Assisting the church ladies and men, and in their usefulness, giving their all to serve Jesus. On occasion, the church or Sunday school will hold a barbecue and the Barbecue utensils from neighbouring homes will arrive at the church. Well, you cannot imagine the uproar this causes in the kitchen.  In the Kitchen utensil's small world they have no tolerance for anyone outside of their  kitchen." 

You may ask, “What caused this hatred between the Kitchen utensils & the Barbecue utensils.”

Well, for one the Barbecues are very tall and tend to tower over the Kitchens. This distinct difference has caused feelings of inadequacy in the Kitchens and superiority in the Barbecues. The Kitchens are bright and shiny, while the Barbecues are often dull and rusty from their time spent outside. The Barbecues love the outdoors and traveling, while the Kitchens don’t like to leave the comfort of the church.

Each of these differences in God’s eyes makes them unique and wonderfully made. But, in their eyes the differences make enemies, not neighbours.

The following Object Theater called “The Good Spatula” written by Kurt Hunter and performed by the Sunday School children is based on Jesus’ Parable “The Good Samaritan” found in Luke 10:25-37.

If performing on Remembrance Day, as we did, you might want to end it with:

It is our way of thanking all those who in the past and present have taken a stand to eliminate prejudice and hatred by fighting for love and justice for all mankind.

Our Puppet notes:  All the utensils (puppets) were purchased at a dollar store and the kids decorated them in the puppet workshop, for example they glued on google eyes, yarn for hair, etc.  Puppets we used - wooden meat tenderizers for our robbers. For the Good Samaritan we used two flat cheese graters. One had a black eye and was covered in red and black slash marks (using permanent markers) to give it the appearance of being beaten.

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