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Jesus Calms the Storm

Drama Workshop


Summary of Lesson Activities:

This Storytelling lesson seeks to highlight (mostly by telling the story in three different ways) the two very different reactions to a scary storm. One reaction is from the disciples, the other, of course, is from Jesus. The lesson activities consist of watching a "movie" of the story (movie, here, refers to a "homemade" narration of slides - like a powerpoint presentation). The second activity consists of putting on a play that mirrors the events of the scripture story using popsicle puppets. An additional option is to video tape the puppet play and then let the class watch it after they've completed the puppet play.


Scripture Reference:

Luke 8:22-25 (with Mark 4:39 inserted)

To view the movie of the story and to download the supply document, click HERE (NOTE: The link will take you to the page specifically created for viewers of this post).

For the full lesson, download the attached Word .doc at the bottom of this post. Note that the first three pages of the document are "background" and that the actual lesson starts on page 4 (which is also where you will find the supply list).

From the attached lesson, here is the story script with some of the teaching comments (in first person) included:

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture ahead of time.
  • Gather the materials.

Supplies List:

  • DVD
  • Props
  • Costumes




Opening-Welcome and Lesson Introduction:
Greet the children and introduce yourself.


Open with a prayer.


Dig-Main Content and Reflection:

  • We're going to watch a video now of the story.
  • In it will be some ideas of why the disciples waited to wake Jesus up and what type of boat they were probably in. These things are not in the story that you just heard. Instead, there is some pretending about what might have happened that day to help us better imagine what this story looked like as it happened. 



  • Are there things that you think you can do and so you don't want someone to help you with it? (for instance, maybe you like to comb your own hair and not have your mom, dad or sibling do it)
  • That seems to be what happened for the disciples, too. They thought they didn't need help, but then it turns out that they really did, didn't they?


  • Now we’re going to make our own movie.
  • We have two groups of disciples that need readers (two or more readers to read at the same time OR if you're short on people, just one reader per disciple role). There's Jesus. And then I need someone who can make a good wind sound.
  • There need to be holders for the wind, the cloud, the waves and the boat (if you have lots of students, readers and holders of puppets can be split up).
  • [If need be, you can assign an “audience” part to the less than enthusiastic students].
  • Our shepherd here will record our play (or maybe have a student help out here, too).
  • So we’re going to go behind the screen, here.
  • We’ll do a practice run through, where I’ll be the director, helping yall know what to do and when to do it.
  • Once we got through the practice run, then we'll film it. 

Do & Record Popsicle Puppet Play
Characters: Disciples, Other Disciples, Jesus and the wind noise-maker.

Non-characters that need to be held up: The boat, the clouds, the wind, the waves.


Jesus: We are going to the other side of the Sea of Galilee tonight.

The disciples: Aww man!

Jesus: Sailing is better than walking.

Other disciples: That’s a good point, Jesus…and why you are our teacher!

Jesus: I'm going to sleep now. [Jesus moves to the front of the boat and sinks off stage]

The disciples: The boat sure isn't moving very fast tonight. We need some wind.

[wind starts to blow (make blowing sound). Rock boat a little bit. Have the puppets move back a little bit, and have the boat move forward a little bit to show acceleration]

The disciples: Yay, we've got wind!

Other disciples: We're going to be in trouble....that type of wind always brings a storm.

The disciples: Maybe the wind will get us to the other side before the storm hits.

Other disciples: Not a chance.

[Put up rain cloud puppet above the boat]

The disciples: Ack! Rain!

[Put up wind puppet in front of the boat]

Other disciples: Whoa! That IS a strong wind. Should we wake Jesus up and tell him?

The disciples: Jesus is still sleeping. Besides, what can he do that we can't? The trip would've been better without the storm, but we'll be okay.

[Put up waves puppet in front of the boat]


The disciples: WE WERE WRONG! WE'RE NOT OKAY! JESUS WAKE UP! WE'RE DYING! WAKE UP! [All disciples go to front of Jesus to wake him up.]

[Jesus puppet pops back up]

Jesus: Wind, Waves and Storm, I rebuke you. Peace to you. Be calm.
[Remove wind and wave puppets]

The disciples: Whoa! That was cool. How'd he do that?

Other disciples: THAT’S why he’s our teacher!

Jesus: Instead of trusting God, you trusted yourselves. That's why you were afraid. Next time call on God for help like I do. Do not call upon yourself. You are not God. You cannot do what God can do.

The disciples: How did you do that!?!?! You must be a god!

Jesus: I just told you. God works through me, just like God can work through you. But not if you have no faith. Where is your faith? Trust God, not yourself.

The disciples: And then we'll be able to stop storms?

Jesus: Trust God and then the storms won't get inside of you and fill you with fear and panic. Trust God and you'll know what to do all the time, every time.




End with a prayer.

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