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Reply to "DRAMA and PUPPET Workshop Lessons and Ideas for Man Let Down Through Roof"

Storytelling Ideas

Toy Stretchers

Make Stretchers out of cotton fabric and wooden dowels.

Doll is 11" and is from the "Messengers of Faith" Series.  I think this was Noah who is now discontinued.  Out of the series you can still purchase the "Jesus" doll, see One2Believe Website  Others in the series, now discontinued, you may find on-line: Noah, David, Moses. Peter & Paul.

But you could use any doll, such as, Ken (12") and Barbie (11.5")!

 Through the Roof Doll StretchersDSC00953

Putting the Story on the Big Screen Idea

"Through the Roof" by Andrew McDonough (Cecil & Friends Series - Australia) - available in three formats: a softcover book, a storytelling kit for big screen, and an activity book.  The link is in Australia if you scroll down you can flip through and read the entire book

I use the Storytelling Kit for my workshop story openings. I also used it at our year end intergenerational Sunday School service, if that rotation year included the Lost Sheep. One student turned the slides, another reads the story. It's always a big hit with the congregation.  

How the Storytelling Kit works: It includes the CD-ROM and two booklets: both includes the pictures with the text, one for the reader, one for the computer page turner.

These can be purchased through your local Christian bookstore, it's a Zondervan product available through Harper Collins (if the bookstore doesn't know about them).  But you can also download the storytelling kit and activity kit directly from the Lost Sheep website.

Puppet Idea

A friend put on their puppet show, for the congregation in church during children's time.

Someone attached a large blanket stretcher, containing a large puppet, by ropes to the church ceiling (there happened to already be hooks for something else in the right spot) and the congregation got a surprise during the puppet play when suddenly the stretcher was lowered from the (very high) church ceiling, landing in front of the puppet stage (or behind the puppet stage - can't remember).

This would also be fun to do by lowering it over a church balcony (that is a puppet on a stretcher).

Opening Idea

Another friend in her opening storytelling, sets the scene with foam head characters dressed (on stands) built by a gentleman in her church. In her openings she tells the story interacting with the foam head characters in the scene.

For her background she used:
- for Sky/Land-plastic backdrops
- the house is from "VBS Hometown Nazareth-Where Jesus was a Kid" - Giant Decorating Posters) .

Through the Roof Head People

Also check out...

Jesus and the Man Let Down Through the Roof

Art (Diorama) Workshop

Note: this lesson plan could also be classified as storytelling or puppets.

by Amy Crane found in the Art Workshop forum link.

Be sure to scan down under the lesson where others have included photos of their dioramas.

I've also included photos of when we did Amy's lesson but used Lego instead.



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