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"Goliath Visits Our Video Workshop" Idea


Videotaped David & Goliath Drama Workshop 

This was a 35 minute lesson time conducted as a videotaped drama.

We begin with First Samuel 17... reading it all the way until David kills Goliath (v50 I believe). It is good to read through in its entirety for 2nd grade on up. We had fun "doing the voices." We chose several verses and each took a crack at saying them in our best "Goliath voice" or "David voice." Quite memorable.

After turning one of our kids into Goliath using a large blanket and step ladder and props, we stopped and briefly talked about the Giant problems we sometimes face, just like David. We talked about the different reactions they (we) have to big problems, fears, danger.

goliathThen we assembled the Israelites and David (two pictured here). They had a lot of fun pretending to be small and speaking in squeaky voices to accentuate their powerlessness. We had the Israelites make fun of the slingshot, with David proclaiming that it was God who would make the victory. They got into the shouting and play-ridicule, especially Goliath.

The second week we did this drama I let different kids take turns being Goliath, since that was the most fun. We also gave David some cool sunglasses.

Quite by accident, one of the kids made 'stones' out of balls of ducttape. One of them actually stuck to Goliath's shield much to their delight. That gave me the great idea to hand the Davids and the Israelites extra balls of ducttape. I told them they had to name a problem God can help them with before they got to throw their 'stone' at Goliath.

The beauty of a videocamera is the PAUSE button. We were able to stop the taping and work on "lines" (no script, we talked through that, and afterall, they had just read the story). This took quite a bit of time, and throughout the practicing, taping and retaping. As the teacher, I kept reinforcing central ideas and had Goliath practice put-downs. One of our Goliaths even told David he was stupid for going to church, "it's boring and for shrimps" she said. David responded! 

The videotaping provided glue and direction to the play-acting. They couldn't wait to see themselves on the TV. FYI... we kept the camera hooked up to the TV WHILE we were taping so they could see themselves and know when the camera was "on" them. It's another "trick of the trade" I've learned over the years. They love to see themselves "in the act."

We finished with a prayer about "having the faith of David to believe God will help us in our lives." Before the prayer, I asked them to think of how David and you can "get" your faith. Talking to God was tops, followed by "church."

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Originally posted by member Marg

We just used the Goliath on a ladder and little David idea from the picture shown above.
Then we sat down and listened to the song "The Voice of Truth" by Casting Crowns.
After talking about the song, I put a drawn picture of Goliath's face on the ladder. Then I pinned a sign on Goliath that said DARKNESS. I asked if anyone was afraid of the dark. Those that were stepped forward and were given socks filled with cotton balls. I told the students that the giant's name was no longer Goliath but Darkness.


I played the song again on the tape and using the words from the song softly telling the children that Darkness is telling them they will never win but the Voice of Truth is telling them Do not Be Afraid. I told them when they were ready to throw the balls at Darkness. We repeated the excercise with other signs like BULLIES, NEW SCHOOL, SICKNESS etc.


The kids from Kindergarten to our 6th graders really enjoyed it.


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