Reply to "DRAMA, Puppets, Storytelling Workshop Lessons and Ideas for Psalm 8"

A dramatic "chorale" reading of Psalm 8 for kids

by Amy Crane


This could be dramatized or presented using puppets.



All; Boys; Girls; Teachers; Voice 1; Voice 2

[If you do not have fairly even groups of boys and girls, consider reading this as a unison reading, or assigning single readers to different lines.]


Psalm 8

All: O Lord, our Lord, 

Boys: Your greatness is seen in all the world! 

Girls: Your praise reaches up to the heavens; 

Boys: it is sung by children 

Girls: and babies. 

Voice 1: You are safe and secure from all your enemies; 

Voice 2: you stop anyone who opposes you. 

All: When we look at the sky, which you have made, 

Girls: at the moon 

Boys: and the stars, 

All: which you set in their places --

Boys: what is man, that you think of him; 

Girls: what is woman, that you think of her; 

All: what are human beings, that you think of them; 

Teachers: mere mortals, that you care for them? 

Boys: Yet you made them -- 

Girls: us -- 

All: Yet you made us inferior only to yourself; you crowned us with glory and honor. 

Girls: You appointed us ruler over everything you made; 

Boys: you placed us over all creation: 

Teachers: sheep 

Girls: baaaaa 

Teachers: and cattle 

Boys: mooo 

Teachers: and the wild animals too; 

Girls: the birds 

Boys: and the fish 

Teachers: and the creatures in the seas. 

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