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Reply to "First Corinthians 13 -- Love -- Workshop Ideas"

Game Ideas

Work on sequencing the various images, verses in the passage. It's scripture that's a bit of a laundry-list. Work on memorizing it. (1 Cor 13 is arguable one of "those" passages young people should be very familiar with).

Create a series of small games which your class rotates through every 5-10 minutes. If they get done with their individual game, TIME them to see how fast they can do it a second time. (kids like that).

Possible Games:
1. Put the pictures in order.
Pictures are prepared in advance, one per verse.

2. Create a timed relay game.
At each station in the relay students must 'do something' that represents a phrase in the passage. Example: clang a cymbal, put faith/hope/love in the correct order.

I would love to hear your ideas for making a "memorable action" relay activity for each of the verses in 1 Cor 13 !

3. Game Show Quiz
1 Cor 13 has a lot of details in it. Have students "complete the phrase" or "explain the phrase".

Other Game Ideas....

Give each student a set of index cards with the numbers of the verses written on them. One card for verse 1, a second card for verse 2, and so on. Give each student their Bible.

(Prior to class) Take each verse and create a "situation statement" for it. Then read the situation statement aloud to the class and have students raise a card to vote on which Verse they think the situation is about.

Example: "I'm a big contributor at church, but I'm not known as a loving person." Which verse in 1 Cor 13 do you think best describes/matches this problem?

Part of your lesson here is in the discussion/debate.

<>< Neil

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