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Reply to "First Corinthians 13 -- Love -- Workshop Ideas"

Art Workshop for Corinthians 13


  • Chart paper and marker
  • Heart pattern copied on pink, red and white paper
  • Scissors
  • Votive jars (one per child)
  • Pink, red and white tissue paper
  • Glue
  • Copies of the memory verse

Ask the children to name some character traits they would expect a Christian to have. List their responses on the chart paper. (If love is not given as an answer, suggest it). Ask the children which of the character traits is the most important (love). Read I Corinthians 13:2&3. These verses tell us that faith and service have little meaning if love is absent.

1. Show the children the two projects they will be working on. Tell the children that these are meant to be gifts given to someone else, to show and share God’s love.
2. Explain how to make each project. Divide the children into two groups. Assist the children in completing their projects as per the directions below:
a. Paper heart
i. Choose two colors.
ii. Fold each paper in half and cut on the solid lines.
iii. Weave the two papers together to form a heart.
iv. Place a copy of the Bible verse and some candy inside the heart.
b. Votive jars
i. Each person should have a jar and tissue paper.
ii. Tear the tissue paper into quarter size pieces.
iii. Use a brush to apply glue to the outside of the jar.
iv. Place the tissue paper on the jar.
v. Brush small amounts of glue on top of the tissue paper if needed.
vi. Let dry. Place a small candle and the Bible verse inside the jar.

Journal Questions:
Write or draw more ways in which you can show love to others today.

Pray! Ask the children for prayer requests. Ask God to show us how we can love others.

(The heart pattern that is mentioned is simply a heart with one side on the fold of the paper. The heart has lines drawn from the bottom up to 3/4 of the heart. By cutting on the lines of two hearts, you can now weave them together to form a heart shaped basket.)

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