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Reply to "First Corinthians 13 -- Love -- Workshop Ideas"

1 COR 13

Game Board Ideas

Originally posted elsewhere in the exchange by a visitor. Adapted here by a volunteer.

This game focuses not only on remembering 1 Cor 13, but is heavy on Life Application! Yay!

After reading/discussing 1 Cor 13:

Create a large game board on the floor or on a sheet, or on butcher paper on the wall/table.

Have the children help you make at least 30 squares to land on. Each one has something written in it, including some which have parts of 1 Cor 13, and a prompt (seen below).  You could add "pitfalls" such as, "start over if you have ever done or said something mean that you didn't apologize for". Etc etc.  Creating the game board is part of discussion and teaching opportunity.   

Make a large DIE (dice) out of a large box. 

First List of Game Square Ideas:

  1. Love is... PATIENT
    Welcome to the Game of Love. Wait patiently for your next turn.
  2. Love is... KIND
    Tell something kind you did for someone. Move ahead 3 spaces.
  3. Love is... NOT ARROGANT
    You think you are the best player in the game. Go back 2 spaces.
  4. Love is... NOT JEALOUS
    You wish you were leading the game. God and greet the leading player, then go back to be with the last player.
  5. Love is ... NOT RUDE
    Go back one space. If another player is there, apologize for pushing in. Keep going back until you find an empty space.
    Be thankful for something good in your life. Go ahead 2 spaces.
    Turn around in circles three times. Then miss a turn.
  8. Love is ... NOT IRRITABLE
    Make a loud groan. Then go back 1 space without complaining.
    Think about a time you cheered when someone lost. Miss a turn and pray.
  10. Love is ... NOT RESENFUL
    Go to the player in front of you, say something kind about them and stay with them.
  11. Love ... BEARS ALL THINGS
    Think of the toughest thing in your life. Give thanks for God's love. Go ahead 3 spaces
  12. Love ... HOPES ALL THINGS
    Tell about something you have always wanted to do. Go ahead 3 spaces
    Enjoy God's love. Go ahead 3 spaces
  14. Love ... NEVER ENDS
    Imagine love everywhere. Get lost and found in your joy. Miss a turn. Be thankful.

Additional list of game square ideas submitted by member Jo Ohrlein:

After reading the message from a message card, they talked about whether it was a "Love Is" card or a "Love Is NOT" card.

The cards we used were

You waited patiently for your mom. Move forward 1 square.

You whined because your father was taking too long. Move back 1 square.

You spoke without thinking and said something rude. Lose a turn.

You bragged about a test score. Move back 1 square.

You taught your little sister a new game. Move forward 1 square.

You are jealous of your friend’s new iPod. Move back 1 square.

You got a new camera cell phone and showed it off to the whole school. Move back 1 square.

A new kid just started at your school and you helped her find her classes. Roll again.

You saw someone get punished for something you know they didn’t do, but you didn’t say anything. Lose a turn.

You stood up to bullies on the playground. Move forward 1 square.

It was a bad day, but instead of taking it out on your little brother, you played catch with him. Move forward 1 square.

Your friend forgot his lunch, so you shared yours with him. Roll again.

You told your whole class the silly nickname your friend’s mom calls him at home. Move back 1 square.

You’re the best player on the team and you make sure everyone knows it. Move back 1 square.

You didn’t complain when the coach took you out and put in someone who wasn’t as good. Move forward 1 square.

You entertained your little brother so your mom had time to cook supper in peace. Roll again.

You held the door for someone who had their arms full of packages. Move forward 1 square.

You insisted on watching your favorite movie, even though it gives your friend nightmares. Move back 1 square.

You persuaded your friend to play video games instead of doing homework. Lose a turn.

You did your chores without being asked and without complaining. Move forward 1 square.

You helped setup a wireless computer network at the house, so your dad can use his laptop at home. Roll again.

You cooked breakfast in bed for your parents. Roll again.

You got your dad just what he wanted for father’s day. Move forward 1 square.

You didn’t get mad at your little sister for an entire day, even though you were both home together. Move forward 1 square.

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