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Reply to "First Corinthians 13 -- Love -- Workshop Ideas"

Game Workshop

I created the game board ahead of time. A friend helped me colour-print and then laminate the game board in A3. I’ve attached the stuff for the game.

The game rules:
Love is….
Aim of the game: to think about how God wants us to love others. The secondary aim is to
see who can get to "The End" first!

There are 2 versions of this game. The extended version (for older children) involves a chance-type card, where they need to decide if the scenario given is an example of love or not. The chance-cards come into play whenever someone lands on a space love game- chance card markerwith love heart question mark.

These chance cards need to be read by one of the other players, not the player who lands on the spot. The simple version just treats these love-question spaces the
same as a blank space (ie nothing happens!).

How to play:

  1. Each player chooses a token and places it on the Start space.
  2. The 1st player (the youngest) rolls the dice and moves forward that many spaces.
  3. If they land on a Love is... space (for example: Love is Patient) follow the instructions for that space.
  4. If they land on a Heart Question Mark space, and you are playing the extended version of the game, the person to the left of the player reads the scenario. The player then needs to decide if the example is an example of love or not. They then follow the instructions under the scenario. If you are not playing the extended version, then it is then simply the next person's turn.
  5. For further extension, use the Extras prompt on the board. Get players to give an example
    of this aspect of love in order to get the opportunity to move forward. Or discuss why this
    type of love is important. If you are running out of time or the game is dragging, simply
    point out the players who are showing different aspects of love and express them forward 4 spaces!

Thanks again! The kids loved it!


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