Reply to "Matthew 25:31-46 "For I was hungry...naked, stranger...." (aka "Sheep and the Goats")"

Originally posted by member Kari, with additional ideas from Neil MacQueen



We turned this story into a Rotation of "Service Workshops" which dovetailed into events at our church during the spring.


Flower Pot Workshop

"I was hungry..." we painted flower pots, potted petunias and sold them after worship the next week. We took the proceeds and had a field trip to our local Sav-a-lot to buy canned goods for the food bank. 


Water Bottle Workshop

"I was thirsty..." We bought white plastic water bottles and decorated them with images and words from the Bible verse. One was filled with chilled water and given to workers at a church workday. The other went home with the kids.


Get Well Card Workshop 

"I was sick...."   We made "get well" cards for specific people in our church. We also had the kids make one to send to someone in their family who was recently sick. We had all the kids in the class sign it.


Prison Ministry Visitor 

"I was in prison..."   We had a prison minister speak to our kids and show a short video.


Greeter Workshop

"I was a stranger..."   We spent some time practicing how to greet people at our church, different scenarios, what to say, how to shake hands (and how not to, that was fun!)  Then each class greeted people as they came to worship.  We also practiced "how to invite friends to church."


The "Nakedness" Workshop 

"I was naked..."   Instead of clothing, we talked about "embarrassment" as a form of nakedness, and how we can help preserve a person's dignity when someone is putting them down, or something embarrassing happens. Lots of skits.

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