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Reply to "Frequently Asked Questions about Setting up and Launching the WoRM"

Class Sizes, Attendance Fluctuations,
and Number of Weeks per Story Rotation

How Many Weeks is TOO MANY or TOO FEW for a Story Rotation?

4 to 5 weeks per story is the consensus norm for every size Sunday School. 3 Weeks is considered a bare minimum for reasons of planning, depth, and students remembering the story. The fewer the weeks, the more your preparation goes up. Some "big" stories like the Exodus can be split into 2 rotations, or be extended to 6 weeks. Story fatigue usually sets in after 5 or 6 weeks.

Some Rotation churches schedule a fifth or sixth "all group" week for a special lesson, celebration, or a needed adjustment in the calendar. 

What if you have a BIG Sunday School with 20+ kids per grade?

The WoRM is scalable if your facility and leadership are scalable. Some very large Sunday Schools need to break a big class into two classes (30 second-graders into two rotating groups of 15, for example). When starting the WoRM, it is best to keep it small and expand to other grades as your experience expands. 

Some workshops work better with smaller groups. Games or computer, for example. Some scale easily, such as Video, Art, and Music/Movement.

What if you have a SMALL Sunday School?

Read: Workshop Rotation in Small Churches, Few Kids.  Like most lesson plans, Rotation Workshop lesson plans work best with 3 or more students in a class group. 

What if my Sunday School TIME is short?

Read: Adapting Lessons to "Short" Lesson Times.

How do we deal with attendance FLUCTUATIONS? Attendance DECREASES, INCREASES?

Every Sunday School has fluctuations in attendance, some more than others. This is where the WoRM can really help. For example, instead of scheduling 4 rotating groups in the Spring, you can schedule just 2 or 3 rotating groups by combining age groups (while still keeping the same number of workshops). Read the article about Rotation Schedules.

The WoRM is also good at dealing with predictable increases in attendance, such as during Advent. Just think about which workshops and activities are planned so that they can easily handle increased attendance.

Art, Music, Video, and Games are usually easily adapted to the SUDDEN INFLUX of unexpected numbers.  If you know in advance, all the better. However, Cooking, Computers, Science, and Drama are much harder to quickly adapt to sudden influxes of students.  They are more number sensitive.

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