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Adaptations to Neil's Marching Game above

Today we did Neil's Drama/Game workshop from above - and it was a big hit as we marched and complained and learned about each story!

Below are our adaptations:

  1. "The Flying Quail" game became the "Falling Manna Game", we simply tossed the manna at a partner, we did not use slingshots.
  2. "The New Flying Quail" game - I purchased "Flingshot Chickens" online for $5 and these became our Quail.  You place a finger (or two) inside a pocket under the chicken's head and with the other hand pull back on both legs and when you release the legs it shoots several feet. Lots of fun.Flying_Quail_Compressed_for_Web
    Each team had a quail (flying chicken). We tried catching it in a bucket but it was too hard, no one could catch it. So we split each team into two groups - one flung the Quail at the first person in line, they flung it back, then the kids moved up in line and the next person got to fling the Quail and the other person tried to catch it with their hands or ran for it.
    P.S. the Quails literally "cock-a-doo" every time they are flung - so we called them the complaining Quail.
  3. Made the following signs for different areas:
      - Catch a Flying Quail
      - Catch Falling Manna
      - Marah Well
      - Elim, Rephedim, and Rock of Horeb.
  4. Bitter Waters was perfect - Well - I had a well I'd made which I inserted a bucket of water to draw from - I did lay a large beige cloth on the floor, placed the well in the center, and surrounded the well with pillows to sit on.
  5. Water from the Rock - being November it was cold outside and I didn't want to make a mess inside so.....
  • Complaining Isrelite - sat a puppet on a chair (wrapped in plastic) about six feet outside an entrance door (one which you can prop open).
    How to keep the puppet upright - take a one litre pop bottle, fill 1/2 full with water, put on lid. Place over lid of bottle a cardboard toilet tissue roll. Place puppet over bottle. The tissue tube will help hold the puppet's head up and the weighted bottle of water will keep him upright. Use smaller pop bottles for glove sized puppets. (We have our puppets on top of a cabinet and they are all standing upright using this method.)
  • Place a plastic tablecloth on the floor inside the door under the Rock area.
  • The Rock - I have one side of a fridge box cut in the shape of a boat - with 3 round holes for oars. I turned this sideways and it covered most of the open doorway, we used painters tape to hold in place. (This was a great idea, because once we propped the door open it kept the heat in, yet gave them a opening to shoot through--holes were the size of a dinner plate. We had three holes, which gave the kids varying heights in which to shoot through. We drapped a yellow blanket over the room side of the cardboard, held on by clothespegs along the top edge of the cardboard.
    Child becomes rock by stepping under blanket - teacher raises and lowers blanket for child to enter and exit rock.
    A bucket of water should be placed by the rock entrance. Teacher fills a super-soaker from the water bucket for each student (older kids could do this themselves).
    Child positions super-soaker through hole, appropriate to their height and waits.
  • Moses - everyone says with teacher, "God spoke to Moses and told him to strike the Rock of Horeb." Teacher or a child then taps rock on shoulder or back, through blanket, their signal to start shooting the super soaker at the puppet - aiming for his open mouth to stop him from complaining!

Questions (to use as you go and for review):
(can toss animal crackers at kids with correct answers)

  1. Who did all the complaining? The Israelites
  2. Who was the Israelites leader? Moses
  3. What are you (Israelites) complaining about? (ask at any time)
  4. What was the first food miracle God performed? Quail
  5. Why do you think people don’t trust God?
  6. What was the second food miracle God performed? Manna
  7. What does Manna mean? What is it?
  8. When the Israelites first drank the water from the Marah Well – what did it taste like? Bitter
  9. “Marah” means “bitterness”. What were the people bitter about?
  10. Why do think the people acted the way they did towards God and towards their leader Moses?
  11. What did God tell Moses to do to the bitter water in the Marah Well? Had Moses throw in a stick (branch)
  12. What happened to the water in the well after Moses threw in the branch? The water tasted great
  13. The Israelites travelled from Elim and went further across the desert until they came to Rephedim. What did they quarrel about at Rephedim? They were thirsty
  14. What did they threaten Moses with? They were going to throw rocks at him
  15. Moses called this place "Meribah". What does “Meribah” mean? quarrel
  16. What was the fourth miracle God did at the Rock of Horeb? God told Moses to strike the rock with his staff and water shot out of the rock


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