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Here are several other Games we've played to teach the Exodus story...

For two or more teams...

Build the Pyramids Relay

Pairs place a large block between them (belly to belly) and must carry it to the Pyramid, drop and run back. Can't use your hands except at starting line. If the box is dropped you must pick up box and go back to starting line and start over. First team to get all their boxes to the pyramid wins.

Manna Cracker Whistling Relay

Each player on the team gets three manna crackers. First player must eat their three manna crackers and whistle reasonably well (swallowing or not) before second player can start eating and try to whistle. First team to have last person whistle is the winner.

The Bitter Meribah Water Relay

Each person receives a small cup. When it is their turn they put water in the cup, place on head and walk toward their "Meribah water well" (a pitcher) and dump water in. They can only use hands to fill cup and dump cup. First team to get water up to line on the well wins. 

Whack the Rock of Horeb Game 


Grand Finale....everybody wins (or loses depending on how you look at it!)

Each person takes a turn hitting the rock of Horeb (an adult with a super soaker under a sheet that has a hole in it). The Rock, however, has been told only to gush forth water when the "true leader" of the Hebrews hits the rock. The true leader is determined by drawing a number known only to the Rock. The Rock gushes forth when that number (kid) comes forward and hits the Rock. After gushing, select a new number and have kids again come up one at a time. Play until quite a few "leaders" have been squirted.(This was very popular)

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