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Minute to Win It Games we have used for wrap-up of our Moses: Great Escape Unit

1) Miriam Dance Freeze Frame

One player per team. Dances while music plays. Must freeze when music stops. Elimination game.

2) Collect the manna

Two players from each team. Using one hand with spoon ONLY, gather cotton balls and put in basket. Most manna wins (60 seconds)



3) Eat the manna

One player from each team. Fishing line is strung through cotton candy which is held right above mouth level of player by an adult. Must eat the manna (cotton candy) using mouth only. (60 seconds)




4) Shoot the quail

Shoot rubber chicken into the bowl from designated line. Point for each one made into bowl. Points for closest if no one makes it into bowl. (30 seconds)



5) Rock and Water

Put stocking with tennis ball on head. Using only head, must knock over water bottles (most over wins) (45 seconds)






6) Ark of the Covenant Race

Two from each team. Standing facing one direction about 3 feet apart. Put pool noodles on shoulders with shoebox on top. Navigate over the rocks and river without dropping the ark.


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