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The Ten Commandments 

Games Workshop Idea


Separate kids into two or three teams, each team with a bell in front of them.
Ask one of the questions: the first team to buzz gets to answer.
If the first team to ring their bell gets it wrong, it goes up for grabs with the other team(s).
Whatever team answers correctly first gets a Skittle.

Questions (or you can make up your own):

  • Bill cares about money more than anything else. What commandment is he breaking? (No idols)
  • All during school, and sometimes at home, Sharon thinks about how popular and pretty Betsy is. What commandment is she breaking? (covetousness)
  • Sam likes to say, “If you don’t give me your sandwich, God is going to hit you with a truck!” What commandment is he breaking? (taking Lord’s name in vain)
  • Jake is a real jerk. Heidi wishes that Jake were dead. What commandment is she breaking? (taking Lord’s name in vain)
  • Aaron votes that his soccer team should have regular practices on Sundays. What commandment is he breaking? (Sabbath rest)
  • Jesse is really angry with her mom, and slams the door in her face when she is trying to talk with Jesse. What commandment is she breaking? (Honor your parents)
  • Ted told Mary he wanted her to only go out with him, but he goes behind her back and asks Jennifer to go to the movies with him. What commandment is he breaking? (Adultery/faithfulness)
  • Sarah didn’t study for her Spanish test, and if she gets a bad grade her parents are going to ground her. So she peeks at Cathy’s answers during the test. What commandment is she breaking? (Stealing)
  • Sarah’s parents get suspicious about the unnaturally good grade she got on the Spanish test. Sarah tells them that she had just studied extra hard and had gone in early to ask the teacher questions: that’s why she did so well. She doesn’t tell them about cheating off of Cathy’s test. What commandment is she breaking? (Lying)
  • Terry thinks he’s better than everyone else, and he’s always telling other kids that they’re dumb and they should do what he tells them. What commandment is he breaking? I am the Lord your God; there are no other gods besides Me! Not even you, Terry!)
  • Harry really wants to be class president, but Caitlin is getting more votes. Harry starts telling other kids that Caitlin is really stuck up, and says bad things about her friends behind their backs. What commandment is Harry breaking? (false testimony)
  • Every time she opens her mouth, Jessica says “Oh my God! (OMG!) What commandment is she breaking? (taking the Lord’s name in vain)
  • Mack just got a new gun for Christmas. He wants to use it, so he goes out a has target practice on the squirrels in the back yard just for fun. What commandment is he breaking? (Don’t kill)
  • Heather’s best friend Susan is going to a different music camp, and Heather is jealous, so she starts hanging out with other friends and won’t text-message Susan back when Susan asks what the problem is. What commandment is she breaking? (Adultery/Faithfulness)
  • Sean put off doing the research for his final paper on Hinduism all term. It’s due tomorrow! He’s desperate! So he googles “Hinduism- Term Paper Helps” and downloads someone else’s paper. What commandment is he breaking? (Stealing)
  • Dana’s really good friend Morgan wants to work at the coffeeshop with her, but Stan got hired first. Stan is royally annoying, and no one at the coffee shop likes him, while everyone likes Morgan. Dana tells her boss that Stan goes to the storeroom and just hangs out there listening to his iPod while she has to take all the orders and make all the coffee, so that Stan will get fired. What commandment is she breaking? (False witness)
  • More than anything, Rob wants to be the lead player in his band. He spends all his money getting new amps and speakers and woofers and tweeters. Every hour, he’s either practicing his guitar, or earning money to get more accessories. What commandment is he breaking? (Love God first/ No idols)
  • Whenever Marie’s father asks her to do the dinner dishes or pick up her room, she turns away and says “WHATEVERRRR”. What commandment is she breaking? (Honor your parents)
  • Scott’s father is always working- even on the weekends. Even on Sunday. It seems like he never takes a day off. What commandment is he breaking? (Sabbath)
  • It seems like Shannon’s older sister, Bess, gets to do whatever she wants to, while Shannon always has to stay at home, which REALLY BUGS Shannon! What commandment is she breaking? (Covetousness)


A game written by member Nansi.


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