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The Ten Commandments
Game Workshop 

Summary of Lesson Activities: 
10 Commandment's Bowling Game to help children learn all Ten Commandments.

Lesson Objective:
after the workshop the children will be familiar with the Ten Commandments through having fun and through repetition. 

Scripture Reference:
Exodus 20 v. 1-17

Supplies List:

  • 10 skittles (ten bowling pins) and 2 balls.
  • 2 sets of large cards, numbered 1-10, each with the matching commandment.

Advance Preparation:

  • Set up the skittles (10 pins).
  • Put the two sets of commandment cards on a side table, arranged in number order.


Opening-Welcome and Lesson Introduction:
Welcome the children, have news, light candles, take collection.
Have prayer time.

Remind the children that we are talking this month about God's rules, as they were given to Moses when the people of Israel were wandering in the wilderness. Make the point that we all mess up sometimes. If we sincerely say sorry to God he will always forgive us.

Vocabulary:  Go through with the children the meanings of some of the difficult words: 

  • Sabbath - the day of the week set aside to rest and think specially about God - for Jewish people this is Saturday, for Muslims Friday, and for us Sunday.
  • Covet - to want something that someone else has, and to want it so badly you would like to take it from them.
  • Adultery - not being faithful to your husband or wife (be sensitive here, as children may come from broken families.
  • Graven Image - a model or statue that is worshiped as a god.

Dig-Main Content and Reflection:
Read the story from the Bible to remind them - Exodus 20 v. 1-17.

Tell the children that we are going to play a game today. 

Directions to Play the Game:
Divide the children into 2 teams, with equal spread of age and ability.

Each team takes it in turns to try to knock down the skittles (pins).
Smaller children get to stand closer to the skittles (pins), and older ones stand further away for their turns.

They count how many skittles (pins) they have knocked down, and then go and get that numbered commandment and the team reads it out. The team keeps the card.

They need to get each of the numbers at least once, and the team that has managed all 10 commandments first is the winner. It gets harder as the game goes on, as they have to knock down a specific number of skittles/pins to win each of the cards (it can be really difficult to get only 1 skittle/pin down!).
Say a final prayer, before going into church for blessing and the last hymn.

A lesson written by Wendy in Roch from: Glory to God Lutheran Church
Rochester, MN 

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Ten Commandment Word Mix-Up Printable Sheet (Exodus 20)

Summary:  Attached to this post is a printable copy of the Ten Commandments. The words of the commandments are laid out on the document so that you can cut up the document after printing and have one word on each card.


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