Reply to "BIBLE SKILLS & GAMES Workshop Lessons and Ideas for the Ten Commandments"

In/Not In Commandments Game

-- by Neil MacQueen

Remember to pet your dog. -- Not in.
Obey your parents. - In
Do not ride your bike without a helmet. - Not In.
Do not worship any god except me. - In.
Brush your teeth after every meal. - Not In.
Do not make idols. - In.
Do not take drugs. - Not In.
Remember to make a good first impression. - Not In.
Do not misuse God’s name. - In.
Be faithful about doing your homework. - Not In.
Remember the Sabbath Day. - In.
Always eat your vegetables. - Not In.
Respect your father and your mother. - In.
Remember to fasten your seatbelt. - Not In.
Do not murder. - In.
Be kind to mom and dad. - In.
Be faithful in marriage. - In.
Read for 20 minutes a day. - Not In.
Do not steal. - In.
Make God more important than school, sports or TV. -In.
Read the Bible every day. - Not In.
Do not tell lies about others. - In.
Do not cheat in school. -In (if you consider cheating a form of stealing).
Do not want anything that belongs to someone else. - In.
Remember to exercise every day. - Not In.
Remember to say, “please” and “thank you.” -- Not In.
Do not be mean to other people. - Not In.
Do not take things that don’t belong to you. - In.
Always wear clean socks. - Not In.
Do not believe everything you hear. - Not In.
Be satisfied with what you have. - In.
If you and your sister are going to annoy each other, just stop talking. - Not In.
Make Sunday a special day. - Not In.
Get A’s in school. - Not In.
Do not cut in line. - Not In.
Remember to raise your hand before speaking. - Not In.
Do not spend all your money in one place. - Not In.
If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. - Not In

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