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Reply to "GAMES Workshop Lessons & Ideas for Jesus in Gethsemane"

Judas, Peter and the Garden of Gethsemane

Bible Skills and Games Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activities:

To recall events of the stories and traits of characters using the popular game show ..."So you want to be a Millionaire?"

Scripture Reference:

Matthew 26:36-50 and 26:69-75

Leader Preparation:

  • Prepare your room with a table and two chairs facing each other, a big banner with "So you want to be a Gazillionaire!” on it. You might get some fake money/coins for props.
  • Also create "home" space for each of the two teams.
  • Several sample questions are attached - you might want to create more or adapt these to fit your age level. Also, you may want to have them written on newsprint so children can also see the possible answers.

Materials List:

  • A table
  • Two chairs
  • Banner
  • Fake money
  • Printed questions

Lesson Plan


Greet children as they come into room. Talk about their week.


Review the stories of Judas, Peter and Jesus in the Garden – either all together
or in teams. (If you do it within the teams, have one adult to help with each team.)

The Game
Begin to play "So you want to be a Gazillionaire!" REMOVE the bibles!!! You answer questions to win points. One member of one team comes forward at a time. You alternate turns between the two teams. You ask a question and give four possible answers. The player can answer on own or use one of his/her three lifelines: poll teammates, 50/50 - remove 2 incorrect answers, or call someone.

The correct answer gets a point. An incorrect answer allows the other team to "steal" the point. That team must answer the question using NO lifelines. You can play competitively - most points wins OR you can play where all win by giving goofy points for more than the answer. Game ends when each child has had a chance to answer a question. At the end have a "Gazillionaire party" where you have some snack.

For the “call someone” lifeline, you can use cell phones to call the minister in their office, or make arrangements with an adult Sunday school classes ahead of time to see if they will be a lifeline for you. Also, remember to ask each contestant, after they give their answer, “Is that your final answer?”

Substitute names of places near your town - make answers harder for 4-5 graders and easier for K-1. Ie. You may want to use several crazy answers for the younger grades and answers closer to the real one for the older grades.

Sample Questions for "So you want to be a Gazillionaire!"

  1. Who betrayed Jesus? a) Snow White b) Judas c) Moses d) Mary
  2. How much did Judas receive for turning Jesus over to the authorities? a) 30 pieces of silver b) 5 beans c) a gazillion dollars d)$50
  3. Who received $30 pieces of silver for betraying Jesus? a) Peter b)Moses c) the Backstreet Boys d) Judas
  4. What was the name of the garden where Jesus prayed? a) Denver zoological garden b) Nave garden c) Gethsemane d) Sound Garden (use names of places in your town)
  5. Who prayed in the garden? a) Peter Rabbit b) Jesus c) Abraham d)John the Baptist
  6. How many times did Jesus pray? a) 3 b) a gazillion c) 10 d) 0
  7. Where was Jesus sitting while praying in the garden? a) bench b)swing c) ground
    d) slide
  8. What did the disciples do while Jesus prayed? a) played cards b)cried c) slept d) had a party
  9. What did Judas do to show the crowd who was Jesus? a) yelled Jesus' name b) kissed Jesus c) danced a jig d) pointed at Jesus
  10. What does Judas call Jesus before kissing him? a) Rabbi b) G c)Lord d) the big cheese
  11. How many times does Peter deny Christ? a) 3 b) 0 c) a gazillion d) 5
  12. What animal crowed to let Peter know he had betrayed Jesus? a) an ostrich b) a pig c) a dog d) a cock/rooster
  13. How many disciples did Jesus take with him to pray? a) 12 b) 123 c) 3 d) 0
  14. Who, specifically, did Jesus take with him to pray? a) Huey, Dewey and Louie b) Elmo, Bert and Ernie c) Peter and the 2 sons of Zebedee (James and John) d) Brittany Spears, Christina Aguillara, Mariah Carey



Close with a prayer.

 A lesson written by The St. Elmo's Choir Rotation Writer's Group. 

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