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Temptation of Jesus

Games Workshop


Summary of Lesson Activities:

Children will play a relay race and a word game to look at the differences between Superman and Jesus.


Scripture Reference:

Luke 4:1-13.

Outcome Objectives

  1. To teach children the kind of "Super Hero" Jesus truly was, compared to Superman.
  2. To teach that Jesus chose love, worship and service to others as his super powers.


Supplies Needed:
For each team:

  • Superman costume (below)
  • Doll
  • Chair

Advance Preparation:

  • Cut apart and paper clip the pairs of statements for the opening game. Have large pictures of Jesus and Superman for opening game. [These don’t have to be artistic, but they should be large]
  • Superman Relay: Come up with two identical costumes based on supplies you have. The costume does not have to be fancy or particularly accurate. In fact, it will be funnier if it is not. Some ideas: T-shirt with an S on it, Plastic bag cape, Large red socks to put on over shoes. Try to have things that can work with a wide range of children’s sizes. For the relay, you will need some tables or chairs to crawl under and over and a doll to “save” from a burning building.
  • Jesus Relay: Three signs “One does not live by bread alone”; “Worship the Lord your God and serve only him”; and “Do not put the Lord your God to the test.” Bread and butter (or peanut butter); crumpled papers and baskets for each team (attached papers); chairs on top of tables or ladders.




Opening-Welcome and Lesson Introduction:
Opening Activity:
How is Superman different from Jesus?
Have a picture of Jesus and a picture of Superman taped to the wall. Have children draw out a pair of statements and decide which applies to each person.
[Time management hint: Use this game for a few minutes, stop for the first relay. Play a few more rounds of the game with the shepherd while the second relay race is set up.]


Open with a prayer.


Dig-Main Content and Reflection:

Divide into two teams.
Relay race #1 “Superman”
Have children put on a costume, run through a maze, toss a doll to a chair a few feet away (saving someone from a burning building) and run back, undress and give the costume to the next child in line.

Relay race #2 “Jesus”
Children race to three different spots and call out the memory verse on the card. Helpers should stand by for younger children to help them with the words.

  1. Table with bread and butter (or PB if there are no allergies). After swallowing, say “One does not live by bread alone.”
  2. two baskets per team with 8 pieces of crumpled paper in the middle (attached handout) Children must divide the pile accurately into “love God” and “love of worldly things.” And shout out “Worship the Lord your God and serve only him ” [Note: the papers should be re-crumpled and set in the middle between each player.]
  3. SPOTTER NEEDED Children climb on a chair on top of a table and shout out “Do not put the Lord your God to the test.” Then they run back and tag their next teammate.

Life Application:

  • What makes Superman great?
  • What makes Jesus great?
  • What do you think – could Jesus have done all the things that Superman did if he wanted to? [If “yes” then the follow up is: Why didn’t he? In “no” then the follow up is: Why didn’t God give Jesus Superman powers?]

Look at Luke 4:1-13. [NOTE: Even pre-readers should be taught to find the book, chapter and verse to help with future Bible literacy]. Read each section and after each ask: What kind of “Superman” power is the devil trying to get Jesus to do? What is Jesus saying about “Superman” powers?

Ask children to write or draw their answer to this statement: “Why Jesus is better than Superman.”

Adjustments for age levels and abilities:
For pre-readers go over the papers for part 2 of the Jesus relay and separate them out before the game. You might want to have another copy of the right answers next to each basket so they can match up the pictures.

If you have extra time…
Ask the children which relay they would like to run again. Why did they pick that one?



End with a prayer.


A lesson from Lisa Martin and credits Neil's Game lesson idea and presents it with some additional detail.


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