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Lent Art Project for class or church event.

I posted this photo of our Psalm 8 "When I look to the heavens" decoupaged jar, and it dawns on me that it could easily be redesigned as a "Lenten Journey Jar" with the symbol of a "path" on it, along with other Lenten symbols.

Inside the jar could be slips of paper with "things to do/pray today" or use it to collect some of those "40" ideas suggested here.

Decoupaging here simply means "gluing" pieces of tissue paper to a surface, such as a plastic jar. Mod-Podge brand glue is great for this and dries to the touch in 20 minutes and to a hard sheen in hours.

For our "jar" we purchased a case of see-through acrylic "cans" from Oriental Trading Co. You can find other plastic jars online.

The "journey" could be represented by a winding path made of different strips or colors of tissue. Notice that in our Psalm 8 jar above we added to pieces of tissue that look like people (and they are). 


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