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Reply to "General Teaching Ideas and Lessons for Lent"

I'm posting this "Rocks of Lent" idea which is based on the "The Rocks of Holy Week" lesson posted a while back.

In that Holy Week lesson/children's sermon, the story/activity was about the rocks found in all the major stories of Holy Week.

  1. Palm Sunday stones will sing
  2. Jesus teaches in the Temple built on the rock
  3. Gethsemane's rocky garden
  4. The rock of Calvary
  5. The Rocky Tomb
  6. The Stone that got out of the way
  7. Ascension from the rocky top

For LENT, I'd simply adapt the Rocks of Holy Week Lesson to teach Lent-Confessional lesson about the Rocks in our lives. 

  1. the HEAVY things people carry in their hearts,
  2. the WEIGHT of sin (how long can you hold that rock in your outstretched hand?)
  3. the OBSTACLES to loving/forgiving,
  4. the ROCKS that threaten to crush our spirit. What's your breaking point?
  5. the STONES WE THROW at others when we ourselves live in glass houses
  6. the DUMB AS A ROCK things we do and say
  7. the ROCK covering the Tomb (our faith) that needs to be rolled away.

    What other ROCK metaphors can you think of??

    How do we remove them? Get help? 
    Jesus is a Rock Taker, a Rock Breaker. Come to me...and I will give you rest from your rocks.
    "Light as a feather" demonstration (lifting something too heavy by getting lots of help).


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