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Hi, @pizza*!

I think you are referring to the lesson idea here? It is more of a mission lesson idea kernel than an art lesson -- and even could be used as an object lesson/children's sermon -- so in some respects the labeling of individual items aspect of the lesson may not be as important as the message/reasoning for the kit.  The lesson summary:

Gifts FOR the Good Samaritan

It focuses on things Samaritans need to help, and to persevere. These items were labeled by the kids, and packed in a box that was decorated by the kids and given to others in the congregation.

Some of the items (toothpick and rubber band especially) would be hard to label. 

But a few ideas:

  • put a tag on a string and for items such as the candle that are hard to tie the string to, tape the string to the item. (google "tag punch" and all sorts of choices available at craft stores will come up)
  • tape the smaller items to their tag/label
  • make the list of items and accompanying Bible verses into a handout and put that in the box rather than labeling individual items


I would think a key part of the lesson would be the child unpacking the box and explaining each item in it to the person they are giving it to, so that the children have an opportunity to remember and share what they learned in class (which means class time may need to be focused more on discussing the symbolic objects in the story and the Bible verses rather than digging into the Good Samaritan Parable?)

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