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Gloria Dei Lutheran Church's Outreach and Online Sunday School During the Pandemic (updated)

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We continue to get reports from Beth Tobin at Gloria Dei. Scroll down for the latest in how their online Sunday School is doing.

Mid-March 2020

What Gloria Dei Lutheran is doing to stay in touch with kids, families, and parishoners during the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic

Recently, we were talking with @Beth Tobin, a member of our Lord's Prayer lesson set Writing Team, about how her church was reaching out to its kids and families during the Coronavirus outbreak. Beth is the Children's Ministry Director at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Olympia, Washington. Beth responded with this encouraging reply:

I’m actually way more busy right now that normal. It’s wild!

I’m designing lessons and working on ways to connect with kids and families online, and learning more about technology platforms along the way. Our staff is all hands on deck calling families, posting daily devotions, and recording services to post online.

Our initial online offerings are:

  • A fun virtual children’s choir using Zoom live streaming! 
  • Wednesday and Sunday worship
  • Daily devotions
  • 10 a.m. Daily Moment of Prayer

 We are also experimenting with Zoom for our Virtual Sunday school -- both whole group session and break out sessions.

 We”re also emailing resources for worship and Sunday school at home, phone calling all households, and setting up “cabin” (small) groups.

You can find some of her thoughts on using Zoom (an online video meeting platform) in this post in our "Ideas for Online Sunday School" topic. 

FOLLOW this conversation for updates!  

...and feel free to add your comments and ideas.

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