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Reply to "Gloria Dei Lutheran Church's Outreach and Online Sunday School During the Pandemic (updated)"

Editor's Note
Though Lent has passed, this idea could be used for other in-home celebrations and devotional practices. It describes a neat way to bring a tradition usually celebrated in the church to the home.


We have a tradition of opening Lenten Sunday School in a group with prayer at the prayer table, so we thought it would be a good idea to create a "Home Version" which the kids and families would be familiar with.

For the home kits, I bought precut solid white 6”x6” white quilt squares.  I bought a couple yards of purple Lent-looking fabric and I’m cutting it into 12” squares.  I’ll provide a list of other materials families can choose to add to their prayer tables, which will be a more polished version of the draft attached below. 

Here's how it usually goes down when we're all together each Lent:

You can "build" this in many ways and on any surface.  We often build this on the floor. The first cloth is the largest, 42” x 36” or 48”.  It changes with the color of the season of the church year.  Right now, we are in Lent, so it’s purple. The second cloth is literally a white cloth placemat.  

When the welcome water is poured in the bowl, everyone is super quiet to listen for the water.  We talk about how whenever, wherever we hear water, to let it remind us of being children of God and of how much we are loved.  

We end the prayer table with petitions.  I open the prayer, then the kids all have a chance to pray if they would like to.  Each petition includes:  Lord in your mercy, Hear our prayer.  Then we all conclude with the Lord’s Prayer. 

After the Lord’s Prayer, everyone usually dips his/her finger in the welcome water and makes the sign of the cross on his/her forehead.  It’s so powerful.  For this time at home, I’m going to ask kids to go to a sink and get water on their finger and come back to the screen and mark their foreheads so we can all see each other and bless each other.  

I hope this is helpful!

Notes attached.


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