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Reply to "Gloria Dei Lutheran Church's Outreach and Online Sunday School During the Pandemic (updated)"


Some of the Resource Packets I've Been Sending Our Gloria Dei Families

Attached are last week’s worship and Sunday school resources that I emailed to my families.  I don’t want to overwhelm them.  I’m working on a new email for this week to include information about how to set up a Story Workshop at home with the toys kids have on hand.  (I will be referencing to do that.) 

Dear Families,

Is anyone else feeling a sense of scrambling to try to figure this all out?

Let’s take a moment to just breathe together and know that we’ve got time.
We don’t have to have everything figured out today or tomorrow or this week.
We are all in this together, and God is in the thick of it with us.

The Prayer of Three Breaths:

(If you ever need to calm things down at home -- or calm yourself down -- this works wonders. It is also really easy to teach to your children.)

1. Take a deep breath in and exhale slowly. Say: In the name of the Father,
2. Take a deep breath in and exhale slowly. Say: In the name of the Son,
3. Take a deep breath in and exhale slowly. Say: In the name of the Holy Spirit.

You can end the prayer there by saying, “Amen.”
You can sit or be in silence for a while - as long as you want.
You can add prayers of your own, of your children, or family members. Many children are used to saying a petition of their own followed by, “Lord, in your mercy, Hear our prayer.”

Lord, continue to be with all who are affected by this virus, and with each of us as we do our best to respond and care for ourselves, our families, and each other. Thank you for granting us science, wisdom, and creativity, and continue to hold us close in your love. Amen.


I’ve pulled several resources together into this email so I’m not bombarding you with email after email. Please know, you are totally in my prayers. If you know or hear of someone who needs help, please let me know. I will help as I’m able and there are other people ready and willing to help out as well. I can help make connections.

Two things I’m excited about:

1) Connecting creatively with Sunday School Kids via Zoom.
2) Story time with our kids online, either Zoom or Facebook Live.

Stay tuned. Gotta figure out copyrights. And tech. Re-read the prayer above. <3

Worship Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

Join in on Facebook: Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Olympia or
Here are the Scripture readings for this Sunday’s worship:
• Exodus 17:1-7
• Psalm 95
• Romans 5:1-11
• John 4:5-42

Pastor Molly will be preaching. See you at worship online! Invite everyone!

Ideas for Sunday School at Home:

For March 15:
This link has ideas for children that tie in to the lessons we will hear in worship tomorrow. There are great talking points for how to connect the Scripture reading with children. Keep in mind this is written for pastor types, but this is a gold mine to share. There’s a script at the end if you want to do a fun reading of the Gospel lesson.

Here’s an index from the same author for all of the upcoming Sundays in the school year and ideas for engaging kids each Sunday. Carolyn has been working on this site for years and it’s excellent:

Carolyn is also working on resources specifically for families, like us, who are now at home. Those will be available this next week. 

Godly Play at Home: (Great for all ages!)
This is an excellent link to the Godly Play Foundation YouTube channel. Expert storytellers use Godly Play materials to tell Bible stories. They are continually adding stories. You can select stories in different languages as well.

Here is the link to the current stories that our Godly Play children at Gloria Dei are working on: The Mystery of Easter. Each “card” in this story is its own lesson and the lessons build from week to week. Our students would have been on week or “card" five this Sunday. This story teller is telling the whole compilation. Everyone should watch this no matter how old you or your kids are. It’s profound storytelling.

Rotation Classes: (Grades 1-5, but really these are age adaptable.)
Grades 1-5 have been learning about the Judges. All of the lessons for this rotation are hands-on-using-our-gifts type of lessons. (Crafting, Baking, Cleaning/Service Project)

What could you do at home? I’m attaching the Faith Journal Sheets below as good talking points. I would NOT recommend reading Judges with your kids…we were working from a “G” rated verbal storytelling standpoint at church making the connection that even though the Judges were not perfect, God gave each one of them special gifts to help God’s people. Surprise! — We are not perfect either, and God gives us gifts, too, to help God’s people — to show God’s love to others. The Faith Journal Sheets (attached) might just be some great conversation starters for how we can be Church in this time of virus and show God’s love to others even when we physically can’t be at church together right now. The time of Judges points us to the need for Jesus, God’s Son, our Savior.

Weekly Resource from Illustrated Ministry:
If you’ve ever seen the coloring posters and the devotions that go with the posters that we have used at Gloria Dei, this is where they come from. Super great group of people. They are offering a FREE weekly faith formation resources email for families. I just downloaded the first one which is about God’s call to us. There’s a simple reflection that goes along with the coloring sheet. This particular sheet ties in perfectly with our overall theme in Sunday School this year in addition to our study of Judges. They will not sell your email address. You can trust them.

Thanks for reading! I appreciate you all!! You are doing a great job with your kids!! I am praying for you and as always love to hear from you.

Please stay in touch and watch for other emails about connecting via Zoom.

God’s peace and blessings,



For my next resource email,  I’m pulling a lot from Worshiping with Children It has such great ideas that go with the lectionary.  It just makes more sense right now to go lectionary.  It's more unifying to what we are all hearing during the worship service online.  



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