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Reply to "Gloria Dei Lutheran Church's Outreach and Online Sunday School During the Pandemic (updated)"

April Update from Gloria Dei

Now several weeks into "together apart" we can certainly confirm that Online Sunday school doesn’t take the place of getting to see everyone in person, but it’s so fun to connect.   Kids are loving it and I’m having fun with it!  

We are using the same format on Zoom each week with little variations to keep it fresh.  

This week we’ll be breaking bread and “going” on an Emmaus walk.  Each week I’m working to incorporate movement and music into our lesson. 

Last week we incorporated Polls and last week we played a fun “I Doubt It” game inspired by  which utilized Bible trivia from  What a fun site!  

I’ve included a photo of the game below along with a pdf of the game pieces.  Cut them out and glue them back to back.  Sandwich a pencil or a straw in-between the layers if you wish.  It was SO much fun!  What do you think?  Are these true statements?  Do you doubt it or believe it?

Here are some of the doubt/believe questions we used.

  1. There was a lady named Noah in the Bible.  Joshua 17:3
  2. Green is the first color mentioned in the Bible.  Genesis 1:30
  3. Job said his wife thought he had bad breath.  Job 19:17


I love all the smiles!  This student has his prayer table set up with things he’s holding in prayer for others, and his prayer cross that each child builds at home as we pray together.  Some crosses have been built using rocks, marshmallows, beads, crayons, Legos, blocks, jelly beans etc. whatever works.  It’s something tactile we do together as we pray. 
This is part of the Easter prayer table we set up each week during prayer time.  The people can represent so many things:  medical workers, grocery works, people who clean, people who are sick, people who are hurting, people who have doubts, people who believe, people who see Jesus in others, you, me, people who follow Jesus etc. 


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