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The Great Commission

Cooking Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activities:

Discuss making disciples of all nations - everywhere! Create a globe out of Rice Krispie treats (colored blue and green). Discuss the process of making disciples & using prayer to do so. Handout to take home, prayer maps which provide "an easy, step-by-step system to help children understand the important aspects of daily prayer. The numbered prayer guide walks them through praying for every nation." (Quoted text from the source for these maps.)

Scripture Reference:

Matthew 28:9–10, 16-20

Advance Preparation:

Order "world prayer maps," one per student, at: 
If link goes dead search for "world prayer map"  Note: These are free and are shipped via the regular US mail. They supposedly take 6 weeks to arrive.

Gather the following:

  • A globe to use in class.
  • A picture of Jesus on the cross, and one of Jesus talking to Mary after his resurrection
  • Ingredients to make treats - see recipe below.
  • Bibles
  • Wax paper, cut into pieces large enough to use as a "work surface" - one per student
  • Stick margarine or butter - cut into small pieces, one per student
  • Cookie people (example: a cut out sugar cookie - two per student)
  • Decorating icing tubes (one per student would work out best, however students can share)
  • Zipper sandwich- sized bags, two per student

Mix up a batch of Rice Krispies Treats® in advance, not much more than 30 minutes so it is still soft.  (Note: making the microwave version.)

  • Melt 3 T. butter in large bowl in microwave. (Note: Diet, reduced calorie or tub margarine is not recommended.)
  • Add one - 10 oz package of large marshmallows (about 40). Heat 1 1/2 minutes.
  • When melted, stir then add in 6 cups of Rice Krispies.
  • Divide into 2 bowls. Add 8 drops of blue food coloring to one batch and 8 drops of green food coloring to the other. (Editor's suggestion: Perhaps divide into 3 bowls and leave one bowl un-colored.)

Lesson Plan


Welcome kids to the workshop. Introduce yourself. Ask kids to put both their hands on their heads. Tell them if they know what’s happening in the picture you’re going to show them they should move their hands from their heads to their shoulders. Show a picture of Jesus on the cross.

Ask one of the kids with their hands on their shoulders to raise one hand if they would like to tell about the picture. Let them explain (supplement as needed).

Ask kids to move both hands to their knees if they know what’s happening in the next picture you’ll show them. Show a picture of Jesus after he is risen, talking to Mary.

Ask one of the kids with their hands on their knees to raise one hand if they would like to tell about the picture. Let them explain (supplement as needed).

Ask: I wonder what happened after resurrected-Jesus met the women and his disciples?
Say:  Let's read about it.

Dig: Bible reading & discussion:

Do:  Have kids open their Bibles and read Matthew 28:9 – 10 and 28:16-20. ( For younger children you can read the story from a children’s story Bible or from the Bible.)

Ask: Do you remember what the word disciple means? [a learner of a teacher who follows a teacher and does what the teacher says]

Say:  So a disciple of Jesus would be … a learner/follower of Jesus.

Ask: Is there anyone here in this room who is a disciple of Jesus?

Do: Have someone who responded yes to stand up. Commend them for being a disciple of Jesus.

Say:  When people are chosen to do an assignment they often get what are called "commissioning instructions." (Make sure that everyone understands what it means to be "commissioned.")
Ok, let’s see what your commission/assignment from Jesus is …

Do:  Read verse 19 again …. Say, ok (child’s name) … Jesus wants you to go … where does he want you to go? “to people everywhere” Yikes! How are you going to do that? Did you know there are about 6 billion people in the world … how will you go to all of them?

Do:  Show the globe; spin it around as you say...
Say:  You have a lot of ground to cover, too! Do you think Jesus wants (child’s name) all by him/her self to go into all the world?
No … he’s talking to ALL his disciples. Ask child to sit down.

Say: All of Jesus followers all over the world can ‘go.' Not everyone is called to travel to far-off places to make disciples, it is just as important to make disciples here in __your city___. However, there are people who have been called to go to far away places.

Do:  Explain how we might not be called or asked to go into all the world but some people are. Explain the role of missionaries.

Ask: But how can you "go into ALL the world" without leaving home? (money for missions, prayer for others in the world)

Do:  Show the “world prayer map.” Explain how to use it.

Say: This map shows how you and your family can pray every day for people in different countries as well as mission organizations worldwide. Each child will get one to take home.  So Jesus said GO and he said MAKE …
Ask:  What are some things you can make? [brownies, a goal in soccer, a bracelet from beads, dinner, a mess, a birthday card, good grades ....]

Say: Today, to help us remember our commission, we’re going to make a world … out of food!

Cooking project:

Do:  Have kids wash hands (we use pop-up antibacterial wipes) while you place a piece of wax paper at each child’s place. Pass around a small pieces of stick margarine so they can rub a bit on their hands (so the Rice Krispies don’t stick to their hands as they shape it).

Do:  Have each child take a golf-ball sized piece of blue and of green Rice Krispie mixture and put the two together and shape into a ball that will be the world. Distribute sandwich-sized bags to put creations into and to take them home to share the story with their family.

Alternate idea for older students: Allow them to first shape a ball of the uncolored mixture and use bits of the blue and the green to spread around the top of this base, to "create" a globe-like world.


Say:  You named some things you can make earlier. Let’s read verses 19 again and see what Jesus said we should make (disciples).
Ask:  Can you make someone be a disciple?
I wonder how we can make disciples? We certainly cannot go up to a friend and force them to be a disciple, can we? But Jesus commanded us to "make disciples of all nations" -- all people everywhere. Remember how we described a disciple? [someone who follows a teacher and does what the teacher says]

Say:  Remember that each of us have our own little “world” of people we come in contact with every day … our families, kids at school, sports, music, dance, Scouts, etc. Think of one friend or family member you know who doesn’t go to any church and probably doesn’t know who Jesus is. 

Do:  Allow time to think.

Cooking project - part 2:

Say: Think about the person you named just now. Let's decorate a cookie person to look like the person you want to tell about Jesus. And let's decorate one that looks like us. We can eat our "looks like us" cookie and save the other one to give to the person we thought of - it can be used as an "ice breaker" to get started talking to this person about Jesus.

Do:  Pass out 2 cookie people (cut out sugar cookie) to each child and distribute cookie decorating supplies.

Ask:  As we decorate our cookie people, think about your friend, think about HOW you can share Jesus with them, WHEN you can share Jesus with them, and WHERE you can share Jesus with them.

Do:  After a bit, ask...  So how can we lead and encourage our friends to be disciples, followers of Jesus? How can we share our faith with our friends? [allow all replies]
Practice somethings you can say.

Do:  When everyone is done decorating... Allow students to eat their looks-like-me cookie and bag the other one up to take home to share with the person they thought of.  Then read verses 19-20 again.

Say:  Remember that Jesus tells us he’ll be with us always … so when we talk to others about Jesus, he’s right there with us!

Do:  Close in prayer. Don’t forget to distribute maps to take home.


Some discussion questions/comments from Amy Crane’s Writing Team Storytelling lesson.

A lesson written by Jan Hanson from First Presbyterian Church
Napa, CA
May be used in local church/non-profit setting with permission, as long as author's name is cited.


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