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The Great Banquet

Art Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activities:

Kids will create TWO invitations:

  • An invitation to their family that has a magnet to go on the family refrigerator.
  • An invitation to give to a neighbor or friend about their church.

Scripture Reference:

Luke 14:12-24

See here for key Bible verse and objectives.

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the story ahead of time.
  • Gather the materials.
  • invitation Stock Paper
  • Magnet strips
  • Decorating supplies.

Lesson Plan

Opening - Welcome and Lesson Introduction:

Say: Raise your left hand if you’ve ever been invited to a party.
Raise your right hand if you’ve ever invited other people to a party.

Ask:  If you were going to have a wonderful party and you wanted to send out invitations, what are some things you would want to include in the invitation?

Do:  Write their ideas on the white board. Be sure the following are included:

Who is hosting the party?
Who is invited?
Where is the party is being held?
When is the party being held?
Will you attend? RSVP

Ask:  What people would you NOT invite? (this is a trick question)
Why do people send out invitations?

Say:  Let’s read a story about when Jesus was talked about God’s kingdom and the parable (earthly story with a heavenly meaning) he told.

Do:  READ a Bible storybook version to the preschool and K/1 groups. Have the 2nd graders and up, use Bibles and turn to Luke 14:12-24. Ask for volunteers to read verses, or you can read it and have them follow along.

Dig - Main Content and Reflection:


  • How do you think the host in the parable felt when the first people to the party didn’t come and gave excuses?
  • Why didn’t he just cancel the party?W
  • Who do you think the host giving the party represents in this story?
  • How do you think God feels when people reject his invitation to become and part of God’s kingdom?
  • Do you think if people say no that God considers canceling that party?

Say:  Let's look at our list we created at the beginning of the class and answer these questions:

  • Who is hosting God's party?
  • Where is it going to take place?
  • Who is invited?
  • What will you do when you get there?
  • Why do some people not want to come?
  • Have YOU RSVPed ??  How do you accept Jesus' invitation to God's Party?

Wormy Added Points for Reflection: 
Discussion of parties and invitations.

  • What might be included in a “great feast”?
  • Why you would want to attend? Who should be invited?  
  • How is a church like a party/feast?
  • What do we celebrate?  
  • How could our church act more like "Jesus party people"?
  • What is it that people "feast on" in God's Kingdom? (it isn't just food!)
  • How do you welcome Jesus into your life and home?
  • How do you welcome others, especially the outcasts, to be part of your life?
  • What "good things" do you offer to others?

Reflection Art Activity

 Do:  Tell kids they will be creating 2 invitations – ONE to remind them that THEY are invited to God’s party, and the SECOND to give to a friend or neighborhood family inviting them to come to our church.

Invitation #1 For You and Your Family:

Dear ________(family name)

You are invited to my Kingdom party!   At my party we worship God, serve others instead of ourselves; forgive and care about each other no matter what.

This party starts right now, and lasts your entire life, and on into eternity in heaven.

I am getting a place ready for you and hope you will say yes!

Love, Jesus

RSVP every Sunday, and every time you do justice, love kindness, and are merciful to others.


Do this project on nice INVITATION STOCK PAPER. Kids can write this, or you can provide it on a piece of paper to be glued to a nice invitation stock.  

Then, decorate the invitation with a variety of supplies around it. (feathers, sequins, balloon stickers, glitter, etc.).

Add a MAGNET STRIP to the back of it so that it can be put on the REFRIGERATOR.

Invitation #2   ... Inviting a Friend or Neighbor to Your Church's Kingdom Party.

On colorful invitation card stock, design an invitation inviting others to your church.

Put a magnet on it so that it sticks to their refrigerator.

This info should be HANDWRITTEN. This is a personal note.  Some suggested wording:

Dear ________________

I want to invite you to my church, _________________ (name)

We worship at ____ every Sunday at _____________________(location).

I go to Sunday School which starts at _____. 

All of us at our church are seeking to know God. None of us is perfect.

We come together to celebrate God's goodness, and everyone is invited to his Feast.

If you need a ride or more information, ask me!

If you already go to another church, that's awesome!


Name of Student

Phone Number



Hold a "laying on of hands" to all the completed invitations. Pray over them that each student would know they are invited by God, and are called to invite others.


A lesson posted by member Jan Napa and edited by Neil MacQueen (aka: Wormy)

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