The "Lion's Studio" hallway sign at Peace Presbyterian, Bradenton FL


The Lion's Studio pulls double duty as our Video/A-V Workshop on some Sundays, and as our Art Workshop on others.

Our mid-elementary children's class used to be called "The Lions" so we kept that name and their stuffed animal mascot, but added the apostrophe to make it the "Lion's" studio because more than one group uses the studio now. "Lion's" is none other than Aslan the Christ-Lion in Narnia. Aslan is wearing a necklace we had made for him that bears his name (and also holds him firmly to the sign). A Narnia poster is hanging in the studio.

We have (too) long of a hallway and wanted to 'pull' people down it to see our classrooms. Signs like this did the trick. 

The Flying Bulletin Board in our workshop hallway.

 We needed a display board that doubled as signage and caught people's attention.

The board is a piece of thin "luan" plywood screwed to a simple frame and covered with starry cloth. On top of the cloth we glued two pieces of galvanized steel (inexpensive from Home Depot) to both create an eye & light-catching surface, and work with magnets.


Click to enlarge.

One of our fun design rules is that nothing sits "flat" on the walls, but rather, "floats" above the surface. One reason for this 'rule' is to counteract the boring and vertigo-inducing effect of our long and very straight hallway.



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