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Reply to "Learning Pods? Providing Space? How can churches help parents and kids whose schools are partially or totally closed?"

There are so many different sides and so many different right answers for different people and churches. We all have different gifts (space, staff, location, funding, volunteers, ......).  I think this forum is a good place for us to share ideas and brainstorm, but conditions are so different from place to place right now that I am sure all will come away with different solutions. But I am glad to see that congregations are starting to have conversations about how not only to serve their members but also how to reach out to the community.

Here is a useful blog post by Rev Jan Edmiston that I found -- it does sound like schools in North Carolina are starting to think outside "the box" too. 

A Test and An Opportunity:
Yes, Churches Can Assist Their Neighborhood Schools

"School districts needing to physically distance students are looking for spaces in churches." 

The blog raises a good point about the importance of churches having relationships with local schools.  

In the past, my small church hosted a weekly homeschool group, until the group outgrew our space and moved to a larger church. We did not charge them for use of the space and just asked them to put the furniture back when they were done. I imagine now we would either ask a group to do a good cleaning when they were done (following CDC guidelines used by schools) or we could hire someone to do that (as part of our outreach - and a way to help unemployed people get back to work).

Things here in Louisiana are still unsettled, with the start of school pushed back one week where I live (to mid-August) and with the parents I checked with still uncertain whether they will send their children to school, use the school's new distance-learning choice, or homeschool on their own (or with a group). Praying fervently for them during this strange time.

Editor's Note: The Blog post linked above urging churches to help with the schooling crisis was written by Jan Edmiston, the 2016 co-moderator of the PCUSA's General Assembly.

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