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Reply to "Learning Pods? Providing Space? How can churches help parents and kids whose schools are partially or totally closed?"

Can Churches Be Part of the "Equity Solution" to Pods and Online Learning?

One of the issues swirling around on-line learning and "learning pods" is the question of "social equity."  Writers and social commentators are cautioning that parent-organized pods will favor the well-connected and wealthier over the lower-income, less-equipped, and less-connected families. 

Why is "equity" in this schooling crisis an issue?

  • Lower-income family homes typically have less square footage for safe-distanced pod learning
  • More single-parent households working jobs that require them to be out of the home.
  • Less access to high-speed internet service for online learning. 1 in 5 students don't have adequate internet access 
  • Fewer college-educated parents to teach their children. 
  • (But what they do have is higher rates of church attendance.)

With these issues in mind, RE-READ the ideas and articles linked above in this topic with an eye toward how YOUR CHURCH can help less-advantaged kids and families so they don't get left behind during this school crisis.

Here are two good and balanced articles about "equity" that discuss solutions:

In my reading, I've found a lot of "copycat" articles online that are simply "reporting the reporting," or have clickbait headlines issuing warnings. These two discuss the problem and some of the solutions that are being worked out.

Schools and community organizations can help address the "equity issues" (and some already are)  from VOX.

"For example, San Francisco, where public schools will start remote-only in the fall, is setting up 40 “learning hubs” at libraries and recreation centers where low-income kids, those in foster care, and those learning English as a second language can come to get in-person instruction and support."

“If you’re planning around those who already have access to resources, you’re going to miss a lot of opportunities to actually help close some of the opportunity gaps that we know are getting even larger.”

Is It Possible to Create Homeschooling Pods and Microschools Without "Opportunity Hoarding"? --from GoodHousekeeping's Life and Parenting online magazine

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