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"I am ... Gate, Bread, Way/Truth/Life, Resurrection" lesson set from FPC Napa

Names of Jesus

Lesson Set

Bible Memory Verse:

“I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me will live a new life.” John 11:25 (paraphrased)

Summary of Lesson Activities:

Art: I am … the Gate/Door. Door hanger art project.

Cooking: I am … the Bread of Life. “Resurrection rolls” and a candle lighting story that tells the story of Holy Week through the Resurrection.

Games: The Way Games #1-try to complete two maze sheets each in only 30 seconds, one is easy, one is impossible.  #2-students blocks 2 volunteers way to opposite wall by holding hands until they hear you SAY: “There just has to be a WAY!”  The Truth Game #3-each child writes a truth and a lie on an index card. Break into two teams and guess which is the truth and which is the lie. The Life Game #4 Walking around with a pebble in their shoe (represents sin) then they fall and yell, "Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” , followed by a  Jesus took our sin object lesson.

Video: I am … the Resurrection. Younger groups: “Beginner Bible Series: The Story of Easter”, Time Life Kids, 1996. Older groups: : “The Visual Bible for Kids: The Story Behind the Cross”, Tommy Nelson, 1999.

 Created by First Pres Church, Napa CA as an “Easter” rotation.

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