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Reply to ""Home for the Haggadah" this Advent ~ an at-home special meal and celebration; plus resources for teaching about Hanukkah"

Hanukkah Background & Devotional Resource:

"Light in the Darkness
-- A Hanukkah Devotional for Jesus Followers"

by Pastor Ron Shifley

I ordered my copy from Amazon for $5.99. It's also available on Barnes and Noble. It's a short and easy to read book.

The book begins with a background and explanation of Hanukkah, Ron also explains why Christians should care to celebrate it (which seems pretty obvious once you've read about it and looked into it).

The main part of the book is 8 short devotionals -- one for each night or candle. The Prayers for each candle are particularly good. I liked the way they had me personally reflecting on the meaning of the story and its themes.

"Light in the Darkness"  would be a great resource for creating a Hanukkah celebration, or those who want to weave the wonderful themes and story of Hanukkah into their preaching or teaching.

Pastor Ron is one of our amazing supporting member of He posted his Hanukkah Sunday School lessons in our Jewish Roots lesson forum.

Table of Contents:


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