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Mr. Bean in Church

Two really funny video clips on YouTube from the English TV series, "Mr Bean."  Kids will probably recognize Mr. Bean from his comedy movies.

Good discussion starters about paying attention, staying awake, pew etiquette, not being a distraction to others. See my discussion ideas below.

The first clip here is a portion of the longer clip that comes next.

Show and Discuss the video “Mr Bean in Church”

Begin by asking:
What’s the hardest part of worship to pay attention to?
What’s your favorite part of worship to participate in?

Discussion Ideas:

  • You ever felt like that?
  • What did Mr. Bean do wrong?
  • What should Mr. Bean have done to do better?
  • The "blah blah blah" of the preacher heard in the background is interesting too. How much of our worship services sounds like that to you? (the young children)  What could they change to make it more "understandable"?
  • What could the man sitting next to Mr. Bean have done to help Mr. Bean in worship?

Create your own “Mr Bean” Skit using leaders or kids.

Arrange a set of chair as a pew. Assign one worshipper to do everything they can to be a distraction while the other worshippers quietly react in different ways. Have a preacher mumbling through the service in the background like you hear in Bean’s skit.

Things that “bad worshipper” can do:  Kick the chair in front of them. Rattle paper. Say “I have to go to the bathroom” loudly during the hymn but their parent can’t hear them, until they say it again accidentally loud during the ‘silent’ part of the prayer (my daughter actually did that when she was 5).  Slump and toss/turn in the chair during the sermon. Drop a pen.  (The idea behind the skit is to set up some discussion.)

Comments afterwards:
Do you fidget or sit still during your favorite TV show or in a movie theater?  Why do you suppose some kids are able to focus when watching their tv show, but not in church? How many adults are fidgeting?  What have they learned that the fidgety kid has not learned?

  • Are you more likely to pay attention from the BACK of the room or front?  So what should you do in worship?
  • Are you more likely to pay attention when you KNOW the person speaking or NOT know them?  So what could you do in worship to get to know the speaker better?
  • Are you easily distracted by things around you, such as a doodle pad the church has in the pew?  Then what could you do to remove that distraction?
  • Are you easily distracted by a particular person sitting near you? What can you do about that?
  • Jesus promised to be with us in worship. Do you want to be ready or distracted when he speaks to you? How can you prepare yourself to hear/feel his presence?
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