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Lessons About Going to Worship, Going to Church

These links take you to the free lesson plans I wrote some time ago and posted at my Sunday Software website. See disclosure below.

(1) Software Lesson–  Students can play Sunday Software’s “Attack of the Sunday School Zombies” game. This game has many Bible verses chosen to address common complaints young people have about "church" and "going to worship."  This software program is FREE to the supporting members of Learn more.

(2) Game & Demonstration Lesson Students will play a Bible verse matching game using the key verse Hebrews 10:24-25. Then they will learn and practice several techniques for going about worship differently.

(3) Zombie Video Lesson Students will watch a video about “why go to church” and then make their own version of it for use in your church (which may include “zombies”).  The video is at You can watch it online or download it.

(4) Science demonstrations Students will do several science experiments that illustrate the concepts of “help” (catalyst) and “hinder” (inhibit), and look at ways their behavior helps or hinders their participation at church and that of others.

More:   Worship and Songs  -- Two song suggestions, a “Mr. Bean” video about worship, and a skit suggestion.

Looking for Bible Verses that might help with people's attitudes and complaints about Church and Worship?

Attached are two pages from the Sunday School Zombies software game guide which show the Bible passages that "Super Kenz" uses to talk to the zombies about their attitudes. (In the software game they are narrated and additional comments, advice, and conversation is heard and seen.)

PDF 1   PDF 2

Below is an example of one of the Bible passage graphics from the PDFs linked above and used in the game. These verses can be used outside the game as items for discussion.

Inside the game, these Bible verse graphics are narrated and discussed back and forth between the zombie and "Super Kenz the Bible Kid."  Super Kenz elaborates on what she thinks the Bible verse is trying to say to young people, and then gives the zombie advice for having a better attitude.  In the example, a church lady named Ms Moreno is wandering the church halls upset about all the meetings and events she has to go to, and thinks she doesn't need the church to be a Christian.



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