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Reply to "Ideas for teaching about participating in, attitude in worship, what is church"

Wormy opens a treasure chest!

Hey cool! This post was featured in the "Hidden Treasures at Rotation" list.  I wonder what other jewels are waiting for you?

"Come to the Table" by Sidewalk Prophets is a great song with a music video and lyrics about those who are called by Christ to come to his table. Definitely discussion producing!

"We all start on the outside, on the outside looking in, this is where grace begins."
(full lyrics below)

You might think it's about the Communion Table (and it could be!) ...but it's about something else too, perhaps "church" is the Table we are called to come to, the feast, the fellowship. Or perhaps it is the Table of Reconciliation that God spreads before friends and enemies (Ps23).

Note in the video all the burdens people are carrying as they respond to the invitation. How do we invite others?  What burdens and barriers keep us from sitting together as the children of God?

I can easily imagine a group of students re-enacting the various "cameos" in this video...people coming with their pasts and issues, as the music or music video rolled. They would come to the Communion Table and take a seat—it could be a powerful thing to create and show in worship prior to Communion.

FYI:  Their song "You Love Me Anyway" feels like the song you sing AFTER "Come to the Table."

"I am the man who yelled out from the crowd who yelled out from the crowd for your blood to be spilled.   ....but you love me anyway."

Lyrics to Come to the Table

(The lyrics are available at many sites across the internet. Used here for the purposes of teaching and commentary. Almost every line begs a question!)

We all start on the outside
The outside looking in
This is where grace begins
We were hungry, we were thirsty  
With nothing left to give
Oh the shape that we were in
Just when all hope seemed lost
Love opened the door for us
He said come to the table
Come join the sinners who have been redeemed
Take your place beside the Savior now
Sit down and be set free
Come to the table
Come meet this motley crew of misfits
These liars and these thieves
There's no one unwelcome here, no
So that sin and shame that you brought with you
You can leave it at the door
And let mercy draw you near
Just come to the table
Come join the sinners, you have been redeemed
Take your place beside the Savior now
Sit down and be set free
Come to the table
Just come to the table
To the thief, to the doubter
To the hero and the coward
To the prisoner and the soldier
To the young, to the older
All who hunger, all who thirst
All the last, all the first
All the paupers and the princes
All who fail you've been forgiven
All who dream, all who suffer
All who loved and lost another
All the chained, all the free
All who follow, all who lead
Anyone who's been let down
All the lost you have been found
All who've been labeled right or wrong
Everyone who hears this song
Come, come to the table
Oh eh, come join the sinners you have been redeemed
Take your place beside the Savior
Just sit down and be set free
Oh come on
Just sit down and be set free
Come to the table
Come on now
Come to the table
You're welcome here
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Dave Frey / Ben Glover / Ben Mcdonald
Come to the Table lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Capitol Christian Music Group
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